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Rated: E · Novel · Crime/Gangster · #2087669
Pieces of insane are only sane when put together and that's insane!That's reality for you!
WereCow steps back from the politics of the Proud Werecow Lands after her fellow politician Riggins decided that if she believes that blacks aren't so bad than it would be only fair to allow them to do business on equal terms with whites and marriage is one of the basic structures available in business in the day and age - sharing and working with each other's resources.

There are mostly mahogany people in the country she had found to be not right to do business - a marriage between countries as some like to call it. She had long denied the attempts of the media to see how unable the country as a whole was equal to her country PWLands. Now she is done shunning the country as a whole just because people in that country did things that shouldn't be allowed.

Werecow lives everyday finding the wonder in everything. Parties just for sex, how people spend time enjoying each other's bodies, and all the really important parts of friendship.

Werecow feels like she would be good at not trying to step in and do something about other countries or ignore - but to seek out the good people in the county and work with them.

Werecow got frustrated one day and called up Compton. She knew Compton knows why she got so frustrated and unable to see the possibilities of other countries.

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