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A poem about the Welsh language for "A Very British Challenge"
Write a poem about the Welsh language


The Welsh language is dying out.
Less than a million people are still about.
Beginning in the 6th century,
It's no longer rudimentary.

Spoken in Wales and England too,
But also in Argentina, who knew?
In 2011, it finally was true,
The "official language" what a breakthrough!

Like Navajo Code Talkers, so too is Welsh.
Royal Welch Fusiliers, all codes they can squelch.
Twenty-eight letters they do have.
Now for vocabulary let us grasp.

To "hoffi" is to "like.
And a "beic" is a "bike."
To "rhedeg" is to "run."
Now isn't this "hwyl,"
I mean, isn't this "fun"?
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