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by Meghan
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2088315
A Train journey is about to get gruesome, when someone comes out to play.

Nathasha Heathcurt was on the way home on the midnight train, she was returning back to London from her weeks holiday in New Castle.She had always taken this train when she was on her travels,it had never once let her down.That is of course until now.5.15pm and the lights on the train started to flicker.There was only her on that train,no one else.2 dark long rows of seats to the left and right.She felt that there was something wrong.Something was bothering her.She had never exactly felt this way before,she had never felt nervous,confused,anxious,but most inportantly,frightend.She began to keep looking to her left and right,releasing the train was going a little bit more faster than its usual pace,like a racing car.She became a little more concerned for her saftey,and went to check with the driver if all was well,for this train was becoming a little wireder by the minute.She rose from her chair,and headed all the way up to the driver's area,only to release,the driver was not alive,he was dead.Lying slumped across the chair,and his foot on the pedal,that was why the train was going fast.Natasha backed away,nearly screaming.Her eyes wide,her heart beating.She was now offically alone.No way could she stop this train.She even tried.She moved the driver's foot away from the pedal,but the train was going fast.She tried to pull the lever to stop the hole train but nothing worked,as if the train had a mind of its own.Wherever she was being taken was not home,she was passed London by now,no matter where this train was going,it wouldnt stop,until it did,she was heading for hell.She looked back down the train to her left,and thats when she thought her heart was about to stop.A little girl,in a white dress holding a little doll was standing in the shadows,as the lights flickerd,there she was,then darkness,then a flicker,she was there.Her hair wet and dropey,her eyes stern and feirce,she ment danger.Natasha was about to scream,this wasent a ordinary girl,she was not there before,why now?She was dead?Just like the driver?It was perfectly obvious she was a ghost.The lights flickerd one more time,the girl was getting closer and closer and closer until...
Natasha went to hell.

Train 737 went missing at 5.35pm yesterday,the train that was carrying Natasha.It was gone,no one could track it down.That next morning,the train was eventually found,it had crashed into a tree,and when the police went to check,including invesitagtors,medics,ambulances,detectives,the lot,they found the dead body of the driver,and the dead body of Natasha.But there was no girl.737 was broken down and destroyed,that was after further invesitgation,which no one could explain the death,only their one explanation was the train lost controll,connection was cut off,and the train crashed into the tree at the end of the line.That was the exact explanation how it had got past London,but there must have been more?There was no problem with the train,the train never had a failer problem in the years it had been running,till now the train had been controlled by the little ghost girl.There was no moore Train 737.
Alison Boudivara was on the Train 937,she was heading back to London herself from work in Edinburgh.She had heard the news,or read the news in the newspapers about the Train 737,and she was confused herself.The train was the best,never had a break down or went out of controll,it was strange.Now the new Train 937 had come forward,everyone was on their guard.Alison had read the driver had some kind of wound from his hip,and Nastasha had a heard wound,however,that could not be explained.Why did the driver have that wound?How did Natasha get that head wound?Were they alone?
It was 7.15pm,and the train lights were starting to flicker.Is this famiular?Alison looked up,she was thankfully not alone,there was 2 men and 3 women and 1 child on that train,and the driver was still alive which was a good thing.The train lights kept flickering constantly,the child huddling his mother,the men looked up concerned,the women looking worried.The train stopped.
The driver had walked into the main area,closing the door behind him,and looked up at the lights...
''Whats going on with these lights?"he asked.
''They keep flickering mate!Their being a bit anyoying,i am trying to read the papers here!"one man said in a cocky way.
''Well there cant be any problems,this train is brand new,everything is working!"the driver sighed.
''Are you sure about that?Because the last train killed someone!"a woman added,who was the mother of the small child,a boy.
''I can asure you madame this train is perfectly safe,i have perfect controll over this train,it will not become the last train,we will reach London as planned!"
But everyone in the back of their heads knew the story,knew the dangers now,if this happened right now,things would get nasty.
''Theyve stopped flickering now,thats a good thing!"the driver smilled."Lets get going on!"
''Can we make it quick,i dont like this train,in fact i never want to be on a train again!"replied anouther woman.
''Its just lights,nothings going to happen mam!"the driver said,as he headed back to his area and started up the train again without any worries.
The train got going again,15 seconds,the lights were flickering violently.The cocky man who had been mouning about the lights was about to get even more angier.
''For goodness sake!"he snapped standing up."Whats with this train?"
The train was starting to get to a quicker pace,a pace that seemed to be faster by minute.
''That driver is asking for it now,he's messing with us!"the man snapped."Im going to see what he's doing in there!"
Everyone watched the man that thought he was the big man walk up to the drivers area,till he screamed like a girl.
''What is it?"asked the second man.
Alison was the first up,striding towards the area,and thats when things started to click,the driver was sadly dead now,but now he had a wound on his hip,the same wound the driver on the other train had got.Alison backed away straching her chin.This was coming toghther,it wasent the tree that had killed the driver and Nastasha,it was something else before the tree.
''What do we do?"asked the now worried man who thought he was big.
''We need to stop the train man!Stop the train!"shouted the second man.
The first man quickly hurried to the controlls,doing exactly what Nastasha did,however he managed to stop the train himself,it came to a steady hault,but not in London like they prayed,they were in the center of the country side,in the middle of nowhere.Everyone breathed heavy as the lights began to flicker.
''Its going to happen isent it?"asked the mother."Were going to end up like that last train,were going to die?"
''Were not going to die..."said Alison."We need to firstly get out of the train,call the London Train station,and get a team to collect us,and get this train sorted.I beleive there is a pattern,but it could be a possiblity this train was starting to turn into the last train.But there isent a reason!"
''Oh no!"cried the mother clutching the little boy in her arms.
Let me introduce you to the clan.Esmeralda is the worrying mother,her son is Donny.Esmeralda did not have a lovely family vacation,she should have been returning home with her husband,sadly she discoverd he had been cheating on her,and left him behind,divorcing him,swearing to her son he will not harm them again.The other two men were sisters,Patty and Elsie.They too have just been on holiday to Majorca.The cocky man was Rico,he was a professional DJ who was heading to London to do a gig,and the other man was Eric,he was returning home from the Navy.How do i know this?All will be revealed.Back to the situation...
Alison was the first to head for the train door.She was pushing and banging at the door,trying to get it open,the thing wouldnt budge.Eric went to the door further down the train and tried to open it himself,he too couldnt get that door to open.Rico gave a door a try but he couldnt open it,till they released every door on that train was locked,they were trapped,with a dead body,but glad the train had stopped without hitting a tree.
"What should we do?"asked Eric."All the doors are locked!"
''Can we break the windows?"asked Rico also.
''Its our only chance,is there anything heavy in here i can knock the window with?"Alison said.
''Allow me!"Rico replied pushing her out the way and raising his knuckle to the window.
He took a hard punch,cracking the window,till it made a round hole,when he thought there was sucess in all of this,he was wrong.The window had other plans,it had recoverd itself by repairing the damage,the hole was shrinking back to its normal self,and the window now appeared not broken or damaged,in the same state it was in before.Rico began to back away,nearly fainting with fright.
''This...this train isent right!"Rico gasped."I...I hit that window,you all saw me hit it?"
''Its almost like the train has a mind of its own!"said Elsie.
''Were trapped!WERE TRAPPED!"Esmeralda cried."WERE TRAPPED!"
Alison hadent lost hope however,she dived in her poket for her phone,connection?Signal?The Train had destroyed her battery power.They were trapped.

The lights were forever flickering,and the young 11 year old Donny was becoming a little intrested in what was going on.He had no fear like his mother before him,so he jumped off his seat,and started to move towards the lights.Esmeralda was sleeping and the others.Once he had finished looking at the flickering lights,his eyes turned to the dark shadowy end of the train,and without any fear,he started to walk down and have a look around.No one knew the dangers the little boy was about to fall into to.No one was aware that he was not in the arms of Esmeralda.That was he was about to fall into the arms of someone else.He saw a little girl,in a white dress,holding a little doll,her hair wet and dropey,her eyes stern and firece.Donny became a little more intrested and slowely approuched her.The girl raised her hand,and held it out to him.The moment his hand went to her hand...
"DONNY!!!!!!!!!"screamed Esmeralda.
Alison woke,seeing the ghost girl holding the hand of Donny,who was now shaking on the spot violently as if he was having a fit.Esmeralda was up running for her son,the little girl looked up,and Esmeralda was thrown back by a mysterious force.Everyone had been glued to their chairs,not moving,only to witness what was going to happy to poor Donny,who as he stood with his back to everyone shaking,he was starting to fade away into thin air like a ghost.
''NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"Esmeralda cried,struggling to get up."NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
But it was too late,Donny was gone,vanishing into thin air,and the little girl was vanishing with him.Donny was now a ghost.Alison sat there motionless,eyes wide at the area she had just witnessed the death of little Donny.And as they all could feel they could move again out of their seats,all Esmeralda could do was run to the spot where her little boy last stood,and kneel down and cry.No one knew what to say,no one knew what to do,they saw what could be causing this train to end,they know who was amoung them,they knew of the little girl watching.

5 minutes after Donny's death,Esmeralda had gone into a strange trance.She sat alone in the corner,looking down at the floor.She felt sick,she had a headache,her mind was only on what she had just seen,what he had witnessed was the unthinkable.Rico on the other hand,was feeling the fear,and was trying to get connection on his phone,he was the only one that seemed to have battery power,which was a good thing,but where was the connection?
''Damn it i cant call anyone!"Rico snapped nearly throwing the phone on the floor."Can anyone else try?"
''Weve all tried,no one can get to anyone!"Alison sighed.
Patty and Elsie were sitting next to eachother not to sure what to do.It had been a long day,and the night was falling in fast.They had just come back from a lovely holiday,now their lives were at risk.But the one that was feeling lost was Eric.He had been in the navy,doing his duty,he wanted to come home alive and he had,but now coming on this train,he wasent sure he'd come straight home alive.No one knew if they'd even make it out alive or not.A rotting corpse in the driver's seat,a little boy turned into a ghost,six remained.Who was next?
Patty felt something vibrate in her poket,the only thing in there was her phone.She had a slight sigh of relife come out of her lips,she reached in and fished out her phone.Someone was calling her.She was glad she had connection,but the name coming up on the phone didnt sound famuilar...
''Who's Daisy?"asked Patty to Elsie."Do we know a Daisy?"
''No!"Elsie answerd.
Patty went to answer the phone.
''Hello?"Patty began.
First of all there was silence,then a little girl's voice started to laugh.Everyone on that train could hear it,even Esmeralda,who was now looking up at the phone.Patty closed her eyes,the fear getting the better of her,the laughter lasted for a minute,and stopped.A loud unexpected scream came and Patty nearly dropped her phone it was that loud it made her jump,but she wanted to know what this phone call was about to be about.
''Hello?"Patty said one more time.
''Look behind your window,see whats on the other side,i am here all the time,i might even be inside..."a little girl's voice echoed from the phone.
Patty gulped.She was shivering.Sweating.Elsie looked up at her,hearing the voice herself.Patty couldnt bare to see what was behind her.She had no choice.
''Look behind your window,see whats on the other side,i am here all the time,i might even be inside..."the little girl said again.
It made Patty slowely turn around,ever so slowely,till she met the eyes of anouther through the window.She quickly got up,everyone did,backing away.It was the little girl,she was outside,they could see her face more clearly,white as a sheet,eyes so disturbing,that she screamed at the window,making everyone else scream too.The lights went out.Everyone was panicing.The little girl was nowhere to be seen.
''No please stop PLEASE!"Esmeralda cried."STOP STOP!"
''SHOW YOURSELF!"snapped Eric unexpectidly,now making a stand."WHO ARE YOU!"
The lights came back on,everyone breathed heavily,there was no face at the window,but now a open train door.They all looked at it.Worried,concerned,why was it open?Or was there a catch?Eric,the shy guy that didnt speak that much had now stood up.He thought this was a prank.It was obvious,in his eyes ghosts didnt exist,to him this was just a little girl that had been paid a lot of money to go round scaring people,but this isent what you think Eric.Eric approuched the open door,but the others saw anouther side.
''I dont think you should go to the door dude,she could be out there!"Rico replied.
''She's not a ghost,she's a girl dressed up as one!"Eric laughed slinging his bag over his shoulder."Come on lets get out of here and head home,were free we can go,the prank is over!"
''She took my son you saw!"Esmeralda said.
''Its tricks,its illusions,ive seen that stuff before on tv,HA HA YOU FOOLED US!"Eric called looking up at the ceiling."ARE WE ON TV?I BET THERE ARE CAMERAS AROUND HERE!SO FUNNY REALLY FUNNY!"
Eric was about to take a step out of the door.
''Dont do it!"Rico cried.
''Guys if you want to stay here a minute longer,thats up to you,im going home,i miss my family!"
All good things must come to an end dear Eric.You should have stayed inside.
Eric had turned right and was walking past the window.Everyone watched him,until he stopped,his eyes wide.They released he was backing away for one reason and one reason alone,the little girl was now walking towards him.The train door shut,and the engine started,Eric quickly ran for that door,banging on it to be let in quickly,the train was moving by itself.
The little girl placed her hand on his shoulder,and he stopped,his face like a zombie that was dazed,as the train went passed him,everyone with terror and shock watched as Eric fell onto the floor,and the little girl held the knife above him,and plunged it into his back as they went out of view.
Esmeralda had fainted onto the floor from shock,and everyone again didnt move,no words,jaws wide open.This was real.

The train was back moving,heading to nowhere.This was the end of the road.Everyone was heading to hell,this could be now where they are about to hit a tree,and die the same way Natasha did.Esmeralda was lying across the chairs,trying to relax.Alison was sitting next to her.Since loosing her son Esmeralda had gone into a state of pure shock.Alison was trying to confort her,but she didnt feel like talking to anyone.She just felt like dying.
''Ive lost my husband,now ive lost my son!"Esmeralda said."Ive lost my family,ive lost everything this is all my fault!"
''You havent lost everything.This is not your fault!"Alison sighed.
"I have everything,a husband,a son,i had all that a girl could ever ask for.Now im alone, widow!"
Alison sighed.She didnt know what to say,nothing would bring little Donny back.Or Eric.Poor Eric,the hero that would have been coming home alive.He was so exited about seeing his family,now he'd never see them again.The little ghost girl was winning all the time.There must be something that could have been done to destroy her.
Alison's pocket was buzzing now.She felt desperate,determind,this time she had a plan.She reached to grab her phone,and saw the name she was hoping to see,Daisy.She answerd it.
''This isent funny you know!Who are you?"snapped Alison.
''Answer me.Cause if i find out your a little murderer dressed like a ghost,ille make sure you go to jail for this.This is a sick joke and a sick game.Youve killed 3 people now.This needs to stop!"
''Oh this is really funny.Your really funny doing this well done you.How much are these people paying you huh?How much are they paying you?"
Alison sighed.
''Go to the driver's area,your in for a big surprise!"the little girl wisperd over the phone in a chilling voice.
"Im not playing that game,ille maybe die thanks to you!"Alison hissed.
The silence was spine chilling,when you heard no voice at the end of the phone,you knew something odd was happening.Alison was sure that this could be a prank,not a real ghost,but someone paying this little girl a lot of money to do the terrible deeds.Somehow the little girl just did it anyway without feeling the shame and guilt of killing someone if she was to be paid so much money.However,there is always anouther side to the truth.Alison still held the phone to her ear,waiting for what the little girl had to say next.Alison had no sympathy now for her,she was a killer now,doing it for money,killing the innocent,she didnt care if the little girl went down in jail for this.
"I wont play anymore.You either stop this train and let us off,or..."
''Go to the driver's area,your in for a big surprise!"
''Maybe you should do what she says!"Patty replied,hearing the voice from the phone."If you do what she says,she may leave us alone this time!"
''We get killed.All that move towards her get killed,youve seen it,each game is a death trap!"Alison snapped,now getting anyoyed.
Rico had been sitting quietly looking up towards the driver's area,he wondered,what was really up there.Yes a dead corpse of the driver,but what else?He decided,to take a stand himself.Not being the smart gangastar he was,Rico rose from his chair,and started to walk towards the driver's area whilst Alison and Patty were still argueing.Rico could see the lights from the area buzzing,and the dead hand of the late driver hanging from the chair side.It made Rico gulp,what was the surprise?He went to open the door,and saw,nothing.The driver was still there dead in the chair,but there was nothing else that would relate to someone next getting killed.Rico started to laugh,he was now not feeling scared anymore,this must be a prank.
''Hey guys there's no suprise!"Rico laughed."She's playing with us!"
But Rico,the surprise is just behind you.The hand of the driver was starting to twitch,and what Rico didnt release was the driver was coming back to life,but in a diffrent way.Rico could hear movement from behind him,and he turned,he saw two red eyes opening and the driver was starting to reach for him,he was a zombie.Before Rico could run,the Driver's door slammed shut,a window reveleing Rico's face as he did exactly what Eric did and begged for help.Alison went running for the door,tring to open it,but the little girl had locked it again.
But pleads and begging wasent going to get him far.The driver had lunged forward,took a bite at Rico's shoulder,and both men collapsed onto the floor,only for the group to hear growling and snarling from the zombie driver.Alison backed away.This couldnt be real,this couldnt be happening.This was a nightmare that she was in,right now she hoped she could wake up from this,cause now there was two evil faces peering through that driver's window door,Rico had now become a zombie.But the door had thankfully not be unlocked yet,but knowing the little girl,that might change.
''We need to keep that door shut,find something we can barracade the door with!"Alison orderd the remaining girls of the group.
It was now Patty,Elsie and Esmeralda and Alison,the last remaining girls.They used some luggage to barracade the door,and anything they could find big and heavy.Hoping this would keep the zombies off for a few hours.
''We need to get off this train right now!"Patty shouted."Now that is happening,we need to get off while we have a chance!"
''We cant,everything locks itself and recovers itself,we cant break out!"Elsie added.
''Oh yes we can!"
Patty pointed to the floor,and everyone could see a square.It was a trap door.Patty managed to get the door open without any problems,and it opened to reveal the tracks going past as they were still going.
''Its our only hope,this is the only way out,we have no choice,if we want to survive,before they get us!"Patty explained.
''She has a good plan!"Alison said."But we need to hurry,that door is open,and it will only be time before they push it fully open to get us,lets go!"
Alison was the first to head down the square door,she took easy steps to make sure she was not about to get run over.But before she could make a land.
''AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"Alison looked up.
She had seen Patty and Elsie being dragged away by the driver zombie and being chewed on,and Esmeralda had been caught by Rico before they could all make an escape.The driver zombie was about to get Alison,but she managed to shut the trap door and made a land on the track.The train zoomed past her and she laid low,and once the train had gone past her...
She quickly looked up,getting on her feet slowely.Her eyes wide,she couldnt beleive what she was seeing.The train had just crashed into the same tree as the last train.She had just made a lucky escape.

Alison was the only one to have survived that little game.No one had ever survived the night hell of the train.Anouther train was gone,and anouther must make its move.Alison was now the news headlines on the London papers,saying about the little girl that had caused all of this,and the drama that she had faced,for she beleived a special invesigation should be made,and a camera should be placed on the next train.Meaning now the police were after the ghost girl.It was claimed she could well be a prankster that was again paid a lot of money,but killing at age,was not an option,and she needed to be found before the next train got on its way.Even police had to go on this new train and watch for themselves,and hopefully capture the little girl.Once that train had made a move,that little ghost girl never came back again.You see, that may be the end of the little ghost girl,but i have one last suprise,i am the host of the train,i am the little ghost girl.



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