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by Nevaea
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2088515
Can't fight the feeling
It was a nice hot summer day in the Month of August. There was four friends who all grew up together since kindergarten who has remained friends. There was two guys and two girls who was very close always did things and went places together as they got older the boys (Bobby and Jeff) and girls (Kari and Ciara) started dating one another and got married. They seemed like the perfect couples they even had kids of their own. Their wifes always loved to decorate their homes and pretty much had the same tase of everything. One day the families wanted to get together and have a nice cookout but it was so hot that their was a power outage, the families lost all their ice and some food went bad real fast so the wifes sent their husbands on a road trip to go get some food, ice, water and other stuff they needed. The two buddies agreed to go just so they can sit in the car in the a/c. The store was almost ten miles away they lived out in the boonies and there was nobody close around by them. As Jeff and Bobby drove away they got about seven miles down the road their car broke down and now they are without a/c it was almost 100 degrees they had no phone there was nobody on the road to pass them by to wave down for help. The only thing they could do was strip down to their boxers to stay cool as much as possible. Bobby knew he was a little on the gay side but kept trying to fight his feelings for his buddy Jeff. But what Bobby didn't know was that Jeff was trying to figure out his orientaion they both was attracted to one another but never said anything to eachother. As they sat in the car sweat dripping down their bodies Bobby looked over at Jeff, his mouth was watering as his feelings was starting to show towards Jeff. Jeff looked over at Bobby and smiled at him he asked Bobby what he was thinking about, Bobby replied, Oh! nothing just thinking to myself. Jeff replied back to him, well we are going to be here for a long time I think so you mise well share your thoughts with me my friend. Bobby hesitated at first but he went ahead and told Jeff that he had strong feelings for him. Jeffs mouth dropped and he just stared at him. Bobby said to him, Oh My God!! What am I doing? You are my best friend I shouldn't feel this way about you I am married I have kids. What the hell am I doing!!!
Jeff started to think to himself as he continued to stare at Bobby. Bobby says to Jeff just let me have it tell me to get out of the car that you never want to see me again. Jeff told Bobby to shut up. Jeff scooted up into his seat as he turned towards Bobby and grabbed the back of his head pulling him towards him Jeff told Bobby I have feelings for you to I just never knew exactly how to deal with my feelings and was affraid to say anything. I love my wife Ciara and kids soo damn much but I have always had strong feelings for you Bobby. The two started to kiss and make out it started to get hot and heavy as they kissed, their hands started exploring all over eachothers body and slowly started taking eachothers boxers off and one thing led to another they ended up in the back seat of the car where they unleashed both of their intamacy for one another. As hours passed by their wifes started to get concerned about them so they packed up their kids and went looking for them. Let hold they see them along the side of the road the car was rocking fast. As they pulled up the wifes gets out of the car and curious what was going on in there. As Kari got closer Bobby raises up and seen her standing there she asked him what was they doing, he replied just trying to get comfy in the back seat hun it was so hot in here the car broke down we had no phone to call and no traffic at all to wave down for help. Both of the girls looked at each other and giggled the ladies went back to the car the men hurried and put their boxers back on. As they got out of the car Ciara walked up to Jeff and kissed him and hugged on him and whispered into his ear. We know exactly what you two was doing in the back seat of the car. Jeff looked at her dumb founded and said what do you mean baby. She replied to him Kari and I both knew how Bobby felt about you and it was just a matter of time before something like this would happen. I knew you was confused how you felt but I knew you was a little on the gay side too just by the way you dress sometimes and decorate around the house that gave away clues to, but Kari and I both want to let you two know we support you in all ways possible no matter what. But we want to remain married to you guys also. Jeff goes over to Bobby and told him what Ciara told him and Bobby was surprised. The two buddies looked at each other and smiled and they agreed to remain married to their beautiful wifes.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2088515