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With your very own newly released - Hill on the Grill Cookbook
Hill on the Grill

         First I must warn you that when using this cookbook always carry a machete with you. Not doing so could be fatal. The machete will come in handy against what is pulled from the sinks, cupboards, what ever hitched a ride home from the supermarket, or seeped off of the tv. Sometimes the next door neighbors even lent you some of their friendly democratic pets. Thanks people! *Laugh*

Anyway, today I am going to share with you a Great "crooked Hillary cookie recipe that I made up. It goes great with coffee and the senate loved it. No wonder the Democrats gave up on their sit-in. Actually they moved their sit-in from the Senate Floor to a sit-on in the uni-sex bathrooms upstairs. They were all fighting over who could get to the stalls first. There is always a method to my madness. *Laugh*

Okay! Okay! I promised a recipe and here it is:

Hill on the Grill Independence Day Cookies

1. Take 2 cups of flour and place in a large, large, mixing bowl (The largest you have) to allow room for the rest of the ingredients.
2. Now comes the fun part, add 1 no good, passive, coward, tongue-tied president and 1 on the take AG.
3. To this add 1 cheating dirty husband.
4. Add a pinch of each of the following: Dolly Kyle, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and mix well.
5. Add 4 dead Americans from Benghazi and an email scandal over classified information.
6. Last but not least add 2 cups of the blood money taken for the Clinton Foundation from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Qatar, Oman, Algeria. Add 3 cups for an extra- rich flavor
7. Mix thoroughly before adding 2 cups of liquid lies
8. Add 1 cup of chocolate chips for sweetness and 1 cup of nuts to hide the crunch of bones.

Chill for 1 year to prevent any seepage of truth.

Stay tune for Pocahontas-pigs in a blanket and Benedict Biden on a skewer.

If you really want to spice things up add 1 tablespoon of Trump-kin spice.
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