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Toni and Tiffany Part 9
Emma Hayden

Toni ran upstairs to check and see if Tiffany was up yet. To her surprise Tiffany wasn't in the room,
she knocked and opened Rachel bedroom door, Is Tiffany in here with you, little sister, No, she taking a bath,” Rachel said as she was opening a bottle of nail polish. Toni corrected her “you mean a shower,” No, bath, Rachel stopped in midair of polishing her toe nails. This is Florida honey, we take long baths, not like them Georgian with that shower thing, Rachel rolled her eyes. Toni turned to leave, she smiled to herself, Rachel is crazy, Toni knocked on the bathroom door. “Tiff, Babe she opened the door, you okay sweetie,” ooh Toni, this, so, so nice, Tiff was knee deep in bubbles, and Toni smiled and she was getting in too. Rachel knocked on the door. Toni, hand me, my purple toothbrush, I going to use mama's bathroom, “Damn Rachel,” Toni hasty open the door, “you can kill a mood! Here,” handed her purple toothbrush then slammed the door.

Toni turned back to Tiffany and said softly, “Can I get in with you babe?” Tiffany smiled “I don't think there’s room.” Toni said wickedly “we can make room”. minutes later, as Rachel was walking back she past the bathroom heard Tiffany moaned “ooh Toni, yes baby,” Rachel rolled her eyes, and mumbled “I really live in a whore house.”

When everybody was downstairs, Rachel complained, all this noise around here decent people can't even think in this house, Toni turned to Rachel, “can you spell decent,” “yes it's D-E-C-E-T.” Rachel spoke proudly. Toni laughed “that's not how you spell decent,” Rachel stomp her foot “it's D-E-T-E-T Mom!” as Toni steadily shook head No, Betty looked at Rachel “it’s okay baby, we know you slow,” Toni busted out laughing so much she fell out of the chair. Rachel mouth fell open. everybody laughed.

Then the phone rang, Toni jumped up off the floor to grab it “Hello Wilson Residents,” “Good Morning Rachel,” the harsh voice said Toni frowned “this is not Rachel,” “Toni, you came home,” Yes, Michael Toni said sourly “what do you want?” I’ve just called to say, we will be over in about an hour. Toni stop him “No, come later around six o’clock.” what? Michael asked Why? Toni rolled her eyes and explained “because nobody up yet? except for me, and we partied last night, we came in around three o’clock in the morning,” Michael was confused “why didn't you call me to go out?” Toni explained it really slow that he could understand.

“You’re a married man, babe, you can't hang with us single women over here,” Michael felt he was always left out, by little sisters. aah Michael laughed
Toni, I want to talk to you about investment opportunity. Bye Michael, Toni hung up the phone, Toni then turned to her mother and said “You son Michael, wants to talk about investment something,”

Betty rolled her eyes, Toni said Betty, “how did you get one honesty child in a house full of crooks,” Betty said “I don't know, but he's a great disappointment, he won't steal a candy bar when he was little.” Toni teased “you had one honesty child and one slow child, “your life must have been rough.” “It was like hell,” Betty said looking over the top of her reading glasses, “the honesty won't steal and the slow didn't understand” “Thank God I had you -Toni stole so much food, we was given food away to the neighbors.”

Rachel yelled Hell Yeah! Toni turned to Tiffany that the family motto. Say it loud and proud “are you down for anything" “Hell Yeah!!” Everybody said Tiffany never been in a family, that was so much carefree about life. It was so refreshing, Tiffany laughed

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