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Talking a break from the action, we get some time to learn more about the groups past.

Act 4 - Aftermath

In heaven Sergeant Forge writes in his journal, only a day before his death:

"Dear diary, Sergeant Forge of resource collection group C here. My squad and I are off on another mission tomorrow so I thought I'd write a few lines before hand. We've been warned of strange sightings in the area but I doubt its anything dangerous.

I often wonder what Satan says to convince angels to betray God and follow him. After all, God saves souls and gives them the choice to live in peace in heaven. Where as from what I've heard, Satan forces the souls of humans he kidnaps to become his soldiers, whether they like it or not.

Well, thinking about it won't get me anywhere. Time I get some sleep"~~

To understand how Cam saved Match we first must go back to the
battle in the sealed compound. Lexa reached the large metallic door at the end of the hallway, her eye's flashed blue as she scanned it, only to realise it was locked with magic. The slender woman was quite tall, over six feet, with flowing ruby red hair that covered her shoulders, her lightly tanned skin shimmering in the illumination of the facility's bright lights.. She turned to her second in command. Glenda was often mistaken as Lexa's sister, her short baby blue hair was similar to Lexa's and they were both thirty-six. Glenda was less tanned then Lexa but there similar personalities and closeness lead people to make the mistake, in truth they were just two old friends who'd known each other when they were alive as well as after they'd been recruited by Satin to become demi-devils.

"Psychic lock, Glenda, unless we kill every shade here the door won't open and were running out of time fast". Glenda nodded. As Lexa looked over at the three girls standing in a row, moving down the advancing enemy with hails of fire, she saw not three soldiers but three children. Of course she knew that was human nature but they felt like family to her. Lexa looked down at her scythe and smashed it into the ground. The blade started to glow and Lexa's family crest started to glow on the scythe, it slowly started to disappear and in its place four symbols appeared. She picked her weapon back up and looked at it through sad eyes. . "Who you giving the relic to Lex?" asked Glenda picking her sword back up. "I think I'll split it for now" Lexa said with a wink.

After the three girls had took flight and had exited the facility, Lexa and Glenda ran forward towards the enemy. Lexa swung her scythe and brought it down on ten of the zombies in one mighty swing. From where she had swung a blue beam of energy shot off ploughing down another fifty zombies before causing a chain of explosions in a ring causing many more to fall dead. She wasn't holding back any more but she knew there was just to many. She wasn't making it out of this alive but if she died before Glenda, then a fragment of her weapon would be granted to satin who could use that power to save Glenda." Its more then just a long shot, hell its probably pointless kamikaze but its all I can do" she thought to herself. The long metal scythe with its sharp, curved blade in her hand slowly materialized back into its metallic black pump-action, shotgun form. She turned the gun and fired.~

Upon the Death of a relic's master it is inherited by whom ever the master assigns it to and can be unlocked by its new master when he or she has a strong emotional response or connection, hence when Cam wished for the power to save lives, the relic she inherited from Lexa materialised as a large silver cross with a blue indent with the ability to heal. Cam used this weapon which caused Match's body to be healed and his soul to be dragged back from where ever it was going to come back. This of course had downsides.

The three girls sat at the kitchen table with the fragment Cam had summoned and the fragment the bounty hunter had owned on the table. The fragment was one of four, which as it explained to them was able to telepathically talk to them due to them each inheriting a piece of Lexa's relic. "So Match's Soul was damaged from being dragged back to his body is what your saying Pur?" Cam asked to the fragment who'd they'd nicknamed Pur. "Yes, that's it exactly. Its the reason he's in a sort of coma, an unconscious state you could say. Also would you please call me by my real name or none at all" Pur stated angrily. Although a weapon is genderless it had a males voice and viewed itself with dignity that qualify in to at least be called by a more manly name. "There's no way were calling you 'Pursuer Of Evil' every time we want to address you" Alec said putting out her tongue(an irrelevant thing to do seeing as Pur had no eyes).

Cam coughed to get the attention of her squad mates. They all were sleep deprived, bags under there eyes, there cloths blood stained from earlier, Alec's white, woollen dress was ruined by the stains of blood and she looked to be the most tired of everyone. Cam sighed "Alrigth lets decide a plan of action, so far we have established, thanks to Pur's confirmation, that Glenda is alive, meaning that a rescue squad is probably already on its way. To be safe we should continue looking for the items we need to make the far-sight telescope to try and predict when devils will next be in the area. Also, Match mentioned having an older sister so she probably left cloths here, its worth a look at least. That only leaves the question of what we do with Match, his coma ain't live threatening but how do we explain what happened?".

"Why don't we just bring him to a hospital and let them mind him" Gem suggested coldly. "We owe him our lives, we can't just abandon him and his condition isn't exactly normal for a human being" Cam replied angrily. Gem finished eating a red apple and threw the apple core against the wall, it landed in the bin underneath with a clang noise as it bounced off the bottom of the container. "Cam he's just a stupid human, we hardly know him, all he did was show us a little kindness. There's hundreds of humans out there, why not go find another one if you feel lonely " said Gem mockingly. Cam stood up so fast that the chair behind her flew back and fell over onto the kitchen floor. "Was Lexa just another human to?" she shouted at her best friend angrily. Gem stormed out of the room and up the stairs "some friends" she muttered to herself under her breath.

Cam picked up her chair and sat back down with a sigh, she wasn't sure what to do when Gem acted like this. She looked over at her little sister who simply offered a reassuring smile. Alec had always been there for Cam and visa versa. Cam thought back to the day Alec had first arrived. She was only two years old, angels can remember as far back as a year old but no further, so Alec never knew that she was adopted. More like saved. Devils travelling to an uninhabited planet for a peace meeting with angels had come under attack. Alec's blood father was the ambassador. he got Alec off the ship but died in doing so. Cam's parents were scientists with a facility on the same planet Alec was found on. They were experimenting in new uses for old magic when they'd found the abandoned baby and had took her in.

Cam had often thought of telling Alec about who she really is, a devil adopted by angels which she betrayed to work for the devils. Cam decided not to thought, they were sisters and that's all that really mattered.~

Gem put her hand on the door handle and pushed open the door. Before going in she looked over to the door to the left. In there Match laid on his bed, she walked over and slowly opened his door as quietly as she could and walked into the blood-soaked room and sat on the edge on the small bed. She looked at the face of the boy, an unsuspecting person would have thought he was simply sleeping. She wondered why Cam was so attached to him. Love? "No" she thought, angels didn't fall in love, they weren't made that way. "So what? Guilt? Loyalty?" she muttered to herself, she couldn't work it out, what was so special about this child, about humanity. She put her hand on top of his, although she didn't know it, her eyes flashed a deep green.

"You have so much hate in you, you allow it to control you and hold you back in life" said a voice in Gems head. Gem was taken back and angry at such a comment until she realized it was telepathy. Angels were known to be able to communicate with those in a coma using the ability but Gem had never had the opportunity before. The angel focused her mind "what would you know about that" she replied telepathically. "I saw some of your memories a moment ago, they were so sad. Was the dead man in them a friend?" the voice replied. Gem knew that memories could be seen during telepathy but the teen girl still felt angry at the invasion of privacy and didn't care for the voices care free tone. "Pur had said that Match probably had his memories erased because of the trauma, so what did this human know of anger, of fear and of frustration, how dare it judge her and look through her memories" she thought to herself angrily. Gem put her empty hand behind her back and in the palm of the angels hand appeared her SMG, it was almost completely out of ammo after it was fired in this very room only a little over an hour ago, its sleek, metal body reflects the bedroom ceiling light. Gem put it up to Match's chin, she had tried to kill him once already but this time he had no way to dodge. " Do it" the voice of Match said in her head "It'll make you feel better but only for a time, you know that".

Gem's vision started to disorientate, her hand shuddered, unable to point straight ahead, her heart was beating fast, she held her breath----

and then Gem dropped the gun and began breathing again. "How did you know I had a gun" she asked. "I don't know" the voice said meekly. It sounded more and more quiet, "what's my name again?". Gem was no sorceress and she was never great at magic or healing but anyone could hear in the tone of the voice that it was tired, lost, like her." This human doesn't deserve to die for what happened back then" she said to herself quietly. Gem let go of Match's hand. She felt embarrassed as the teen girl picked her gun back up and put it away. Gem headed downstairs back to her comrades and apologised for how she'd acted. She felt like a cliché. The girl who wants to escape her past, "but" Gem thought to herself, "at least I know now that given the choice I wouldn't pull the trigger". The girl smiled ....

End of Act 4

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