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by Harry
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A thought-provoking political poem about gun control in America.
Most guns are owned in America today by
White men, who claim they have this right granted under
the Second Amendment. Few of them qualify
as “well-regulated militia.” Small wonder!

The majority of Americans favor
more gun control. The NRA have their bought-off
Congressmen stonewall and risk public disfavor,
blocking modest controls to preserve their payoff.

White men control government offices of power.
White men carrying guns are viewed as patriots,
as agents for protection due to their firepower ...
but not their minority-race compatriots.

Instead, Blacks and Hispanics toting guns are feared,
considered dangerous, viewed with alarm by Whites
and police both. Open carry laws so revered
by Whites can raise troubles for Black men to new heights.

It seems Whites want themselves to be free to carry
guns in public but feel threatened if Blacks do so.
Hmmm, gun control advocates might use this scary
situation to get controls passed, don’t you know.

If some national group provided all Black men
with assault rifles to carry around with them,
Whites would be too scared to go outside their house then.
Chances of not passing gun controls would become slim.

All those Bubbas who feel packing guns is their right
would suddenly demand gun controls overnight!

(Poetic Format: abab end-rhymes, 12-syllable lines)

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