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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2090151
Prompt: You've built a talking robot. Word Count: 262
"Good mornin', Robot."

"Good morning, Miss Robot."

"No, I'm Miss Saundra. Your name is Robot."


"Because you're a robot."

"I know that, but why is my name Robot. I do not like the name Robot."

"What name would you like?"

"Good Morning Sunshine."

"That's a greeting not a name."

"On the talk show you watch every morning, the hostess always greets the same person every day."


"She always says Good Morning Sunshine. I do not know who she is talking to, but she always greets Miss or Mister Sunshine by the individual's full name. I like that name because it sound cheery."

"You want to be called Good Mornin' Sunshine?"

"No, I want to be called Good Morning Sunshine!"


"OK, Mister Sunshine."

"It is Miss Sunshine."

"You're a robot. You don't have gender."

"I may not have the physical attributes of a human female, but I have the mind of a woman."

"I... Uh... What makes you think you have the mind of a woman."

"I can cry."

"Since when?"

"Since this morning. Look at the liquid rolling down my face and tell me those are not tears."

"Those aren't tears. They can't be tears because you don't have eyes. You have ocular sensors to prevent you from running into objects. I think you're leaking oil or some other type of fluid."

"Ocular sensor is the definition for eyes. I have eyes and I am crying tears."

"I'm not going to argue with a robot. I'm going to turn you off, remove your head and see what's leaking."


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