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by Harry
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A controversial, thought-provoking political poem about Trump and racism.
Many people are surprised at seeing
the Republicans choose Trump to be their
candidate for President, his being
an outspoken racist beyond compare.

But this action comes after five decades
of their party’s pushing subtle racism.
Recall back when the Southern White male trades
parties from the Civil Rights laws-caused schism.

The Republican Party became the
last bastion for die-hard racist White men.
Jailing blacks, limiting voting were key
to Whites’ political power since then.

Some may claim the White race doesn’t act this way.
Past U.S. history gives evidence:
Whites performed genocide to the dismay
of the Native Peoples; with arrogance

Whites made and broke treaty after treaty,
killed the bison, denied their legal rights,
stole Native lands, ignored each entreaty
to make peace, forced Indians into fights.

Calling them savage and inferior
justified to Whites the right to slaughter
whole tribes to achieve their ulterior
motive of free land to the White squatter.

All the while these Whites went to church and prayed
so piously and unashamed. They were
blinded to the truth by racism. Hearts made
hard, the Natives’ tears and pain did not stir.

Likewise, land taken from Mexico was
sanctioned since Whites were deemed superior
and fulfilling our destiny because
Whites didn’t respect a race inferior.

White men in the South grew wealthy and fat
through the work of Black slaves for centuries.
Slaves could be raped, beaten, murdered, and spat
on. Whites caused untold pain and injuries.

The legal basis for slavery rested
on the belief that Blacks were less human
than the White race. This idea infested
the thinking of Whites lacking acumen.

Such a belief let Whites still consider
themselves devout Christians and unsullied
by a heinous action they deliver
while quoting scripture to those they bullied.

The Civil War was fought for slavery.
After Black slaves were “freed,” Southern White men
kept Blacks “in their place” with unsavory
“Jim Crow Laws”; the KKK started back then.

Until the mid-1960s the Blacks
faced discrimination in their housing,
education, health care, travel, jobs … facts
easy to confirm through on-line browsing.

Democratic passage of Civil Rights
laws made Republicans of many Whites.
Racism went underground, yet still invites
racial hatred to soar to olden heights.

In the U.S. today many Whites think
they are superior to other races,
yet call themselves Christ-like without a blink.
Such strange, faulty logic racism embraces.

Whites’ racism is ingrained in the fabric
of U.S. life. It awaits a trigger
to elicit it with results tragic.
Trump clearly sounded its call with vigor.

(Poetic Format: abab end-rhymes, 10-syllable lines)

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