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Part 2 of my story, this part is mostly fiction although based on a true event
Adam ran as fast as he could trying to keep himself as covered as he could most of the students at this point were still inside the school, a lot of them in the hallway he just left, he could see the bushes he could stay there for a little while to let the excitement die down and wait for everyone to go to class and then he would go to the teachers and try to get some....

"Well lookey here" said a familiar voice, Adam tried to run in the other direction, but Angelica was too fast, the sixth grader grabbed him and scooped him back up, and started to carry him back towards the school, to the front end this time though.

"Silly nerd your supposed to be inside the school, where everyone can see your little man... boyhood, you must have taken a wrong turn, its okay I'll get you squared away" Adam tried to struggle, but Angelica was too strong and easily carried him back towards the school, Adam was hoping this side of the school wouldn't be too crowded right now, hopefully there was a teacher nearby.

Something caught Adam's eyes as they turned a corner, his clothes were now hanging on the flagpole like three little flags flowing in the wind, his pants, his shirt and at the top, his tightey whiteys, and then back into the school they went, and Adam was not a very lucky guy today it would seem, this side of the school was also quite crowded and there was no sign of a teacher, at the sight of the naked boy being carried in, everyone on this side of the school reacted the same way, with hysterical laughter and creating a circle.

"Gather around boys and girls, get a good look" said Angelica as the circle tightened, Adam could see some teachers trying to get through to see what all the ruckus was about, but the other students weren't making it easy. Angelica waited until the circle was until the circle was nice and tight before letting him go, at least a couple hundred students, by this point almost the whole school had seen him naked. Like before Adam tried to make a run for it, but no one was letting him get away, he made a few feeble attempts, each time someone would grab his hands so he couldn't cover himself, hold him for a few seconds, and then push him back towards the middle, after several attempts Adam gave up and accepted his fate, he sat down in the middle of the circle as covered as he could and sat there getting laughed at and mocked mercilessly for a few minutes. Three or So minutes passed, and the teachers finally got through the large group of students, and immediately covered Adam, and escorted him to the office where they gave him some clothes and called his mother to come pick him up.

Adam wouldn't live that moment down, and would be the laughing stock of the school for the remainder of the year, he and his sisters swapped schools the following year

The End
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