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World peace. Is it possible? Who is responsible? Can anyone really have the answers?
A peace for all the world of Man,
is often sought, but rarely found,
Can hope remain that peace-filled plan,
is possible, while strife abounds?

In honesty world peace remains,
an issue of each human heart,
For war is peace that’s gone insane,
and life enforced can never start.

The Peace of Man will come to Earth,
when men in pieces come to change,
Admitting fault, receive new birth,
and by their Maker are arranged.

“The chain’s as strong as weakest link,”
the adage we affirm, agree,
But how can we so boldly think,
“The failing peace is you,” not me?

Yes, peace will come to this tired world,
when Man of Peace in peaceful souls,
Does reign supreme in boys and girls,
whose childlike heart is restored whole.

by Jay O'Toole
on May 25, 2015
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