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Wissy's murder in a small city
Deroute derailment (1)
“.. play clock was running down ..that guy is great for the off season .. way below his average .. five already .. save giving up the ball .. long .. time out.. second quarter ..12.28.. five seconds .. pumpkin in the sloth... touchdown..”

Deroute derailment (2)
Tempe’s E. Rio Salado Pkway had to be closed off. Sheriff Hissenburough saw what was coming, called in immediately, and got the wagon on the road. It was 4.45 a.m. local time.

Deroute derailment (3)
They had called her Wissy, because of her spectacles and because she had minus four, minus three point five. She was a nice little thing although they always teased her about losing the windscreens before her eyes. They did not sell that along with the specs, obviously, so they made a pair for her birthday. She smiled her little smile, attached both of them on to her glasses and swore she would never lose them. Which she did the following day already, so they made her a new pair, and again, and again. They teased her for years and years, her brothers, but they loved each other dearly and both mom and dad were happy with their brats. Just the ordinary nice family, just down the road, just outside Tempe.

Sometimes money ran out and they had paying guests in the two bedrooms upstairs. For a few weeks, a few months. Occasionally somebody stayed a whole year, and one time they had a whole family staying over, mother, father, and three kids. Same age as they so all went on okay. Kindergarten, Secondary school, up to High school, all within the boundaries of the small town of Tempe. The boys both got married before the month of their school prom was out, Wissy had boyfriends every other month or so. She wasn’t fussy. She wanted to become a farmer’s wife and have a big piece of land with cows, the lot.

She was just 15 when they found her body, brutally battered all over, and decapitated, her little head next to the body, specs still on.
After Sheriff Hissenburough had examined the murder scene, he walked up to the end of the road, and out of sight, he vomited, waiting for the Feds. He needed help with this one. This was not good, not good at all.

Deroute derailment (4)
Never mind the game, I am telling you this is different. This is major stuff and it’s very bad I am telling you. So get that fat ass out of that chair and come over. And this time I won’t book you because of your smelly breath, you louse. O, yeah .. say hi to Lynn for me will you? Bev asked the other day if you folks would come over for dinner, next Sunday would be fine. And hurry, I’ve called in the Feds as well. If you can be here in 20 minutes I’ll fill you in beforehand, otherwise, we’ll both do the talking to the Bureau. Hiss One out.

Deroute derailment (5)
They both looked at her with tears in their eyes. Sheriff Hiss and Deputy Todd of Tempe, but this time just brothers looking at their baby sister, lying in the ditch near the road. It was cold, it was outside, she was so exposed, and she was so very small. And so very terribly dead. Too much for words, too awful to comprehend, too real to be true. But it was true, and the sound of the unmarked car with its roaring wheel splatters just in front of them made it even more real.

They looked at her another instant, a moment just to say goodbye, grabbed each other by the arm and turned towards the vehicle. The play clock had stopped this time. For good.

Deroute derailment (6)
It was seven o‘ clock already, better hurry. Brush the teeth, wash up, wake the husband, and take the toddlers downstairs for breakfast. By the time it was 9.15 she was already halfway through the house, singing and humming ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ when she heard the school bus pooling away from the yard. She looked out of the window and watched to see her kids tucked away in the back as usual.

The two boys with stern faces because of the age difference with the other passengers. As if they wanted to prove, they did not belong there but just because mom refused to take them by car to their own school, they were forced to sit in the bus with the little ones. Convicted, every school day of every week. Wendy, or Wissy as she was called from age 3 up, said something behind their backs, they both turned towards her and laughed.

She could almost hear it. The three smiles were placed in her memory and would stay there all day until they returned at the end of it.

Deroute derailment (7,8,9)
They took the words of this strange nine-year-old kid very seriously. He was tall for his age and looked like he had never seen the inside of a bathroom before. Came up running to the counter at the local mall, screaming that he’d lost his mother and could not find her or the family car anywhere. What made him funny looking at first was the fact he’d only have one eye, the left eye had been sewed or glued or something, in a rather hasty manner not like a medic would want to be remembered by at any depressing day at the hospital. But his panic sounded genuine, so they went for the manager and accompanied him to a small room.

There the security guy and the security lady asked him the usual questions after letting him sit down to tell them his name and age. What does your mother look like? What’s her age? What did she wear today? If you would not know her how would you describe her to a stranger. What car does your family have? How long ago did you see her and where was that spot exactly. Could you find that place in the mall again? Do you think she could have left the mall without you? Has that happened before or is this the first time you lost her in the crowd. What were your plans together for this day anyway. Is your father or anyone else of your family also with you or were you alone with your mom. Where’s the rest of your family? What are your home address, home telephone number, and mobile phone number? Do you have a mobile yourself with you? Does your mother have one with her?

They searched inside and outside the mall, walking and talking with the 9-year old who happened to be named Todd, same as the security guy. After one hour, they called off their search and called 911. Mum was gone. And things didn’t add up information wise.

Deroute derailment (10)
Case # ACY 08674435, UFT 0602
Monthly return of : Arson offenses known to law enforcement to score as Arson and Burglary-Forcible Entry. Number of actual offenses: 8, not included attempts: 2.
Monthly return of: Larceny of nature: Pocket-picking, 10; purse snatching, 15; shoplifting, 30. Aggravated Assault with firearm, 2; with aggravated injury (hands, fists, feet), 6. Robbery-other dangerous weapon - brass knuckles, 2; - club, 4; - broken bottle, 1.

[Off the record: Suspect of the month C.M. & gang members. Vote count 8/12. Filed under secret act nr. 788.]

Hissenburough’s star incident of the month: saved 8 cows from drowning in a ditch due to Officer Todd Hissenburough.

Signed: Hiss1, Tempe 06/12/02

Case # ACY 08674436, UFT 0702

Case # ACY 08674436*, UFT 0802

Case # ACY 08674436**, UFT 0902

Case # ACY 08674437, UFT 1102

Murder case. Criminal homicide. Decapitation. Victim: W. Hissenburough, date of birth: 040487. Deceased is sister of Sheriff Hissenburough, Tempe, acting as Investigating officer under jurisdiction of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Will be filed at different location, under secret act.
Signed: Hiss1, Tempe 11/25/02

Deroute derailment (11)
“.. and I said Georgy, why are you always looking funny at me fanny… iiiiii-h-iiiiii.”

“.. give it a rest, this is killing you .. it’s been almost 18 months now, you have to stop torturing yourself .. it ain’t right..”

“that’s seventeen fifty for you sir, and please visit again in Tempe’s Buffer Buffet. You’re always welcome at Tempe’s Buffer Buffet..”

Deroute derailment (12)
A project this time. Clips were out, duh .. so this feature idea: something with dead fish in swamps, cloudy atmosphere, a cat dragging feathered birdie, dead, tossing it around and then back to Bush denying the importance of Kyoto and everything; some visible pics of a train loaded with nuclear waste, an explosion from somewhere to fill the 15 seconds no more and there had to be something very metal underneath of it all, like the early Sandy Shore or rather, just out of whack and everything. Ending it with some statements of Greenpeace and the seals with their big eyes, open & shut just before some Mongol Eskimo girl hit one on the head. Then the rattling of the old fashion chains and some bum getting up from his bench in the park and walking away into the distance, dragging a sort of metal globe thing through melting snow, but huge like, very artsy angle all black and white and grayish as for pixels and everything. One shot, he gets paid big time for his five minutes of fame. Takes in cloudy David Hamilton fashion all the way with a sort of hellish pinkish color filter to top it off. Many South American flutes. Could become quite nice, really. He expected no less than an A. As in for time, summers job was waiting too.

Deroute derailment (13)
Here’s what I want ye to do, I am telling ya, we have the bastard this time. The others were mistakes, alright, I am not apologizing, we are only human, shooting the wrong guys ain’t pretty, there now, ye hear, I admitted it. And by the way, mister goody-up-my-nose as I recall right, twelve of them were not even on my watch, so who’s talking to whom here. I only did the ones up north last year and that was all in the line of duty one way or the other, too bad for the two lassies though but they had no business being with those junkies in the first place, they were just hookers going the wrong places the wrong way anyway. And we donated to that fund big time, so never mind about that, it’s over and done with. Who’s talking about it, hey, I am not. So hear me out now cause this one is for real. I’ve spotted him for two and a half weeks now and I am telling you he is bad. He fits the profile, some alien from them wood countries far away, he’s part of some ring they’ve told me so we better watch out. I heard it from that youngster who works in the brick house, paid him to give me the information I wanted and I am sure it is the right guy. Stories about him you would not believe. This guy gets paid to do the dirty work for some gangsters and you know what .. they ain’t stopping for nothing. The word is he went straight out of the facility four months ago, took his rides to another state and vanished into the leather scene if you know what I mean. Those guys are real nasty, they do it for a living you see .. the money, whatever they fancy in those macaroni bowls with grease for brains they have to have, and they get it usually. So we better be real careful with this one. Step one is you get me a school board with a clip thing I saw on one of those fancy Court TV -shows. We’ve got ourselves a case this time. Hurry now, ye hear. And a lettuce and tomato sandwich, I am starving. Don’t let her see you take an extra mayonnaise, ye hear.

Deroute derailment (14)
He had passed that river thousand times over. Inside his head. Sometimes he drove a 4wheeldrive, sometimes a truck, he could not remember ever driving it this way, though, in the back of a pickup underneath a plastic cloth.

A sort of stupid because it was kinda like the classic route. But for him, it was the very first time, sort of comforting really. He could hear the roaring of the wheels hitting the concrete over and over again and every 5 or 10 there would be sliding of the car of some sort, maybe this guy was doing the races the paraplegic way or something. It meant he did not know if he could rest a little, maybe the guy would stop or had to take something out of the back and so he snoozed but with the attention buttons wide open. All six of them and his gun.

Within the hour, he was driving himself. It had been a piece of cake, again, this time it came with social security card and driver’s license, and even some photographs tugged away in a folder. He would have plenty of time to study those. First, a bite to eat. Slowly he turned and drove on to a takeaway. Never mind the lack of big cash, he would not be burned for a while, he knew how to take on the back door. Had done it a thousand times before, back in the good old days. After parking, he changed shirt, swallowed some gum before chewing the last one and put on his face. The bag behind the seat served as hiding material for his weapon. Then he waited near the container for the loser with the bags of waste. There always was a loser with some bag of waste. Those were laws. He only had to deal with them.

Deroute derailment (15)
80% genuine I am, surely, I would say 10% not so bad myself, 5% mixed feelings and 5% to put on my income tax. Can I have my tattoo now, please? I’ll wait patiently here for you to come up with the Mickey Mouse stuff, I don’t want some gang logo or what have you, that will give me away in the end, and I would have to let it remove for too much apart from the pain that involves come to think of it, but hey I am no sissy, I can take a few bruises, but what will the old girl say hey, if I come home with all that on my back and upper arm, she won’t touch me for two months or so, not convenient at all. No sir, just the normal Mickey for me, the one with the two horses behind the sledge, you know, Christmas time and all. It’s sort of a nice thought. Of corse, I’ll wait till you are finished with the other customer, I can get accustomed to the noise of your tiny drill now won’t I. Better get used to it now than scared later, now ain’t that the truth. Of corse, young Hon, I’ll take something from you, always .. yogurts hey? Give me four, still growing. My belly that is .. ehhhe, gnaw, gnaw.

Deroute derailment (16)
Videotapes: Title 1: Salsa de tomate de salida (subtitle: Outgoing catsup) ; content: One big mouse catches little mouse after being chased by cats themselves; “scary “(TheNewYorkTimes). Title 2: Petirrojo (subtitle: Redbreast); content: 4 birds in slow motion for one hour on a weak branch, “surprising ending” (Cosmopolitan Magazine).
Discs: Title 1: Mover ligeramente (subtitle: Wag the tail); content: Doggies day out in the rain, “sad story, but illuminating” (LaCalumniar). Title 2: Traduccion habil para muchas cosas (subtitle: Versatile Version); content: Different ways the animal kingdom copes with life, “great actors, and magnificent performance of RLA” (Animal Planet).

Deroute derailment (17-the end-)
He didn’t like to think of Sleeping Beauty, he tried to escape from Sleeping Beauty, he wanted to avoid Sleeping Beauty, he had to make Sleeping Beauty go away, he loved it when Sleeping Beauty was not around, he hated to try to wake Sleeping Beauty, he felt lonely without Sleeping Beauty, he was often sick near Sleeping Beauty, he never got over Sleeping Beauty. He didn’t like to think about Sleeping Beauty, he tried to escape from Sleeping Beauty, he wanted to avoid Sleeping Beauty, he had to make Sleeping Beauty go away, he loved it if Sleeping Beauty wasn’t around, he hated to try to wake Sleeping Beauty, he felt lonely without Sleeping Beauty, he was often sick near Sleeping Beauty, he never got over Sleeping Beauty.

My sis, my dear little sis.

“They got an ape guy in the box ..2nd and 12 .. fumble..”


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