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I'm the ruler of the world, this is how it will be...
Word Count 2000

I’m ruler of the world and there’s nothing you can do.
I’m ruler of the world, oh yeah, it’s true!
I can talk in rhyme if that’s what I choose.
Or I can talk normally if that’s what I want
To do.

Oh yeah. I’m the ruler of the world. Everyone will wear pink if that’s what I say. Or green. My whim. My wish. Just do it. The houses will have flowers and the buildings will have paint. No one will not know the world is ruled by me, a girl.

I’ll make all sorts of changes. Wear plaid today. And have live monkeys in your bedroom if you wish them to stay. Of course, don’t complain to me when you can’t sleep. I know better than to do that, but hey, I’m a benevolent leader, if monkeys are your treat, have at it.

Now for the rule of pets in general…yes, everyone shall have one at least once in their lives. But choosing more often, is up to you, be they horses or dogs or simply bee hives. However, mistreat your pet and they shall rule over you, all the rest of their days. You shall eat from a bowl on the floor while they lay on the couch. You shall cook them their dinner while you dine from a can or a pouch.

Now there’s dating, do what you want. But never with more than one at a time. And once married, always married, you shall work it out through therapy, tough love, or hard work, whatever you choose, but you will work it out. You WILL work it out. Or stay single, your choice. But once married, always married.

As for your room, I’ve said it before. I’m a benevolent leader, keep it as you’d like. Neat as a pin or messy galore, your room, your choice. See how generous I can be? But someone shall clean mine. It’s my room, my choice and I choose to have it tidy, through the sweat of others. But fear not, I’m potty trained. It’s not that bad…just some arts and crafts stuff here and there. But you won’t my dirty socks laying everywhere.

On food, I shall not waiver. We shall all eat healthy. Sugar shall be banned except for those who medically need it. And you’ll be on death’s door before it’s proven that it’s medically necessary. Yes, we shall suffer. Oh how we’ll suffer. No sugar, no sweets. No candy, no treats. For that matter, no fried foods or chemicals, too. Food will taste weird and us Southerners won’t know how to cook. But in time we’ll see, how better off we’ll be. And we’ll rejoice in the great taste of life.

As for truth and honesty…there shall be times when they aren’t needed. When asked if someone looks fat, we shall continue with the social convention of lying…at least until our meals change that. However, tell someone you love them, then cheat, it’s worse than any fate you’d expect to meet. You’ll have your eyeballs eaten from your head by tiny roaches as you cry out for mercy. No, you won’t cheat again. Perhaps we’ll televise it so others will learn then.

As for television, no more than an hour a day. The rest of the time will be spent with friends and family, in games and in prayer, bonding and loving and learning to share. We’ll laugh and we’ll joke. We’ll hug and we’ll smile. We’ll be happy for once, not just once in a while. Friends will be friends and brothers will be brothers. Dads will be dads and of course, mothers will be mothers. Don’t defy me on this or this you’ll regret. Because on this, I promise I’m set.

As for the environment, no more trash and waste. We’ll be more careful. We’ll clean our plate We’ll use what we need and we’ll need what we use. We’ll be much more mindful of all our refuse. The world will be cleaner just wait and you’ll see—such beautiful lands, air and the seas.

Who’ll have all the money? Of course that will be me. Because I’m not mean or selfish, you’ll see. If you want a puppy or maybe a flower, I’ll be more than generous with my money and power. But lord it over others and you’ll regret. Because that’s only my place, or trouble you’ll beget.

As it stands now, some are too hot and others too cold. I’ll fix that. You move here, you move there. Now everyone move somewhere…else. If you don’t like where you are, move. It’s that simple because everyone can. There will be houses everywhere, all with flowers, remember? And each will have a yard. Who will mow them, I haven’t thought quite that far.

Now to the books, there will be books a plenty. Each will learn to read so that each book can be read. With each stomach now full, each mind shall be fed. Curiosity will be known throughout the earth and all will be sated, but teachers will be glad, no papers will be graded. Each will learn at their own pace. It’s not a marathon, it’s not even a race. Those who love to learn will learn. Those who don’t, well, we’ll weed them out one way or another (like my brother).

Computers will be abounding and to think there was a time not all had one will be astounding. We’ll read and we’ll write, but we’ll not leave others behind. There is a line to be drawn with time to be had. We must decide what’s important, and once we’ve learned that, we’ll be glad.

Now for social problems we’ve had since the beginning of time. They’ll stop. They’ll stop. They’ll stop. I said…they’ll stop. No more war or poverty. I’ll see to the food and safety of all. But if you want to kill others, I’ll kill you. Yes. Dead.

There are mean folks on this earth. Oh, this how I know. But it shall stop and desist, oh lo and behold. Not one shall be mean, no more or ever again. We shall all be brothers, sisters, and friends. For those who abuse, cause mistrust or misuse, there shall be an end to all such things. Yes, they shall end. Or you shall end. There are simply things of which I can’t abide. I don’t mean to yell or even to chide. But we are all one, none greater than the other, well, except for me, but I’m different…I’m the leader of the world, it says so, though I’m just a girl.

You’d think my manifesto would be coming to a close. Nah, I’m only half way to two thousand, and I’ve got so much more to disclose. There are the stores and the shops each open until ten. But who shall be running them, we’ll that will have to be decided then. For we need family time and relaxing time and time to just be us. I genuinely, sincerely, think that will help stop some of the fuss.

Another problem that I must address is the problem of water, I know it’s an issue to be pressed. We need it to live, to play, and to drink. We need it to grow things and to clean out the sink. And not once under me shall anyone proclaim, or even dare to think, “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” We’ll have fresh water for all to share, but how that will happen, I’ll have to think.

If you like your cars or riding the bus, well, we’ve already got them, no need that they rust. I, for one, don’t care to walk. For wearing out my shoe leather, oh we’ll have to talk. I’ll sit in my chariot, oh yes, I’ll have one. Because I’m the ruler of the world, benevolent, but and when I say so, it shall come. Besides, I’ve always wanted someone to say, “Your chariot awaits.” Well, besides Mom and her sarcasm, not as funny as she thinks.

On clothes or off clothes, on this I must think. Because each has its benefits, there’s the warmth, but the stink. Perhaps this is another of your personal choices. You see how many times I let you raise your voices to share with me in the many, so many of choices?

As for technology, we shall all have enough. Though how that shall work, I can’t say off the cuff. Phones and devices, but only enough. They shall not take over, yes, this part will be tough. Having what we need or more needing what we have. There will be changes to be made. There will be foundations to be laid. And, of course, my commands to be obeyed.

But fear not—there will be laughing and joy—because I say so. And who can tell their benevolent leader, “No?” Each shall have a job, according to their talent and their wish. But we shall each have a job, working, not being selfish. Work hard and enjoy. For this is how we live. For being able to give back is more important than simply to be able to give.

It might seem I’m winding down, and well, perhaps not too terribly much more. Well, I say that, but I must be careful not to lie. Yes, there’s more. There’s actually a good bit more.

All crime shall cease. All criminals shall desist. Oh, no, on this, not one shall resist. You’ll do what I say, on this I am sure. For there’s not one who can’t be straight, not one heart that can’t be pure. Of course it’s hard. But all the best things are. If you need additional help, for this we’ll go no matter how far. If it’s death threats you need, just to be straight. It’s no threat we will make. No. Just one snap and your neck, we will break. But if you try and are really sincere, you’ll find I’m so kind, so be of good cheer. I know you can do it, each one and all. Because if you don’t, into the piranha pit you will fall. Nope, of this I don’t jest, because you shall be sure, to put others ahead as it’s best. And if you can’t, I assure you I will. Because with me as supreme ruler, there will no not be crime still.

Because I’m the ruler of and I’m all that is good, I’ll make sure that everyone is at least understood. If not by me, then by your fellow man. After all, I’m busy, I’ve got a globe to run, I’m telling you man. This will be work, but for you I’ll be bold. I won’t stay my hand be it punishment or good, I will not withhold. All will get what they deserve, well, all but me, because who can judge the judge? I know it seems unfair. But I hold no grudge that you can live free, because of me. That is one of my many promises to you, but as you see, I also ask much of you.

We’ll all live in peace and in harmony. All churches will have steeples and all bedrooms, carpeting. There will be happiness and joy, for each girl and each boy. For we will have moved on with my rule, all you who think I may be cruel. Believe me I’m not. There’s so much more you’ve done. Each to the other and that to this one. It’s time for changes. We’ll all be much better. I’ll tell you one thing, besides being benevolent, I’m a real go-getter.

Each will have what they want, be it a house or a tree. We’ll live together as one big happy family. No more strife, no, I say none. By the time I’m done with us all, we’ll need no more guns. You can thank me after all my work has been done.
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