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Rated: GC · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2091115
Chapter 36 and remaining unwritten chapters
Chapter 36

“What’s going on? Why did you stop?” Startled, Valen tried to swing around upon hearing an angry male voice from the hallway. He was unable to move since he was still inside Gallia, his penis butted up against her intact virginal membrane.

“Who is that? Show yourself!” While yelling this over his shoulder, Valen slid his body back to kneel between Gallia’s legs. This left her still lying under him, but no longer impaled. He regretfully looked down at Gallia’s tempting body, spread out on the bed’s coverlet like a delicious meal waiting for him to enjoy. Her flesh was flushed and moist from their recent exertions.

“Don’t move,” he whispered to her. “I’ll get rid of him and be right back.” Valen rolled off Gallia and quickly stood beside their bed. He watched an older man coming toward him and correctly guessed he might be Gallia’s husband.

“I stopped because…wait, why am I explaining anything to you?” Valen failed to understand why Radorn would want him to keep having sex with Gallia. He also found himself unprepared for what happened next.

Radorn rushed across the room and tackled Valen, knocking him to the floor. The younger man struggled to push out from under the furious husband. He could hear Gallia, as if from a distance, screaming angrily at her husband to stop. When he managed to scrambled up and stand, Valen lashed out one foot at Radorn.

Unfortunately, Radorn was now kneeling and grabbed Valen’s bare foot, making him crash once again to the floor. The two men rolled over and over, throwing punches indiscriminately at each other. Some vicious blows landed, while others missed the mark completely. Valen tried to protect his exposed genitals whenever Radorn, a man at least 20 years older and 30 pounds heavier, managed to get on top.

The more agile Valen wiggled out from under Radorn and once again got to his feet. He grabbed Radorn’s shirt collar and dragged him to his feet. The sound of wood breaking filled the room as Valen shoved Radorn into a nearby bureau. Not giving the stunned man time to catch his breath, Valen swung a fist at Radorn’s jaw while his other hand smashed into his flabby stomach.

Behind them, Gallia was kneeling on the rumbled bed. She was no longer screaming at her husband since she discovered she enjoyed two men fighting over her. Her long, blonde hair whipped around her shoulders as her excited gaze went back and forth between her husband and lover.

Valen was swaying on his feet from the pummeling Radorn had managed to give him. Through one good eye, since the area around the other began to swell, he warily watched Radorn who was gasping for breath. “For an old man,” he said in an insulting tone of voice, “you’re not too bad.” Seeing Radorn was unable to continue the fight, at least for the moment, Valen went over to his pile of discarded clothes. After grabbing his dagger, he hurried to slip into his trousers. He gave Gallia a cocky grin just as he began buttoning up the front flap. A grimace of pain replaced Valen’s grin when Radorn grabbed him by his long hair and used it to pull him back down onto the floor.

Gallia jumped off the bed and ran toward where the two men appeared locked in an apparent struggle to the death. Fearing Valen would come out the loser, she looked around the room for some way to help him. Spotting her heavy hairbrush on the nearby vanity table, she turned in that direction to grab the item.

Because Gallia was turned away from the men, she failed to see Radorn slowly roll off Valen, a look of overwhelming panic on his face.


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