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Elidurus the Dutiful became king of Britain three times, the first in 326 BC.
Elidurus the Dutiful, King of Britain…Three Times

Elidurus the Dutiful reigned in over the Isle of Britain three different times. He was the third son of King Morvidus. Elidurus’s brothers were Gorbonianus, Archgallo, Ingenius, and Peredurus.

After their father died, Gorbonianus became king and ruled with wisdom and kindness, but when he died, Archgallo took over and was a mean and cruel king. In 326 BC, Archgallo was overthrown by the nobles and Elidurus was made king.

Elidurus was a just and good king, but he also loved his brother. One day, after he’d been king for five years, he found his brother wandering in the woods. His brother promised to be a better king and Elidurus agreed to let him be king again. This is what earned him the part of his name, “the Dutiful.”

Archgallo was a much better king than he was the first time and he ruled for about ten more years. When he died in approximately 311 BC, Elidurus the Dutiful became king again. He continued to be a kind and good ruler.

After a few years, Elidurus’s brothers, Ingenius and Peredurus overthrew him and locked Elidurus in a tower. For seven years, Ingenius ruled the south and Peredurus ruled the north. Then Ingenius died and Peredurus ruled the whole island of Britain, but he was a good king, despite how he became king.

Three years after he became king of the whole island, Peredurus died and someone remembered Elidurus the Dutiful in the tower and he became king for a third time. He continued to rule with virtue and wisdom until he died a few years later.
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