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There will be no change without us
DO YOU NEED CHANGE? We often want change but often times don't want to change ourselves, but the truth of the matter is that change begins with us. Sometimes people in government want others to pay taxes while they take tax holidays. Lead by example. As a leader, pay your taxes then others will also pay. If you are a leader and you want others to keep time start by keeping time. Charity begins at home. You cannot tell others to build houses when you are renting. You must be able to put everything you say in practice. I think all my life I have been a leader. I used to encourage my friends to attend various activities and I'd always ensure that I would be there at the agreed time. Not only would I tell people to keep time, I, myself would keep time. Those who would come late would have a litany of excuses, yet time exists in every sphere of our lives. You find it in music, in the counting of the beats. These beats give the music its signature. When one fails to count the beats it becomes difficult to sing, you miss the mark/or timing and you aren't in sync with others. Machines have revolutions per second, electricity kilowatts/per day and speed kilometres per hour. When you go surfing in a cafyou buy time, when you are making a call, the call is charged per minute. Your life too has its time. You have to endeavour to do all you can to within your lifetime. Beyond our given time it's not possible to do anything else. When you don't keep time you will always miss something. You could miss a flight, or the opening remarks of the conference, you could even be late for a date. There's always something you miss. Do you want to accomplish something in you life? If the answer is yes, remember that there is a timeframe to everything. Before you commit yourself to something make sure that you are able to keep your word and time. It is said that 'time waits for no man' and ' time is money', therefore, we have to take stock of our lives and set timeframes to our projects and dreams. You need to work within these timeframes. That way you will realise your goals. Have a good day!

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