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Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2091548
A girl has a crush, and invites them to hang out.
Her legs dangled idly in the open pool water, water shimmering on her bare legs. The house behind her was made of bright wood and rusty blue metals. Tropical plants were planted close-by and almost decoration surrounding the pool. Beside her was a friend, barely sitting next to her.

         “Why don’t you move closer?”

         There was a hesitating voice, slowly edging forward. “W-well, don’t wanna catch your cooties- or something.. Ha,” her voice died out.

         She smiled at that, at the pure awkward intent behind it and the dorkiness it inspired in herself. “Very funny,” she noted. Her legs lapped absently. She felt eyes on her, but they weren’t perverted or insidious and ugly. They were just eyes, as welcome on her skin as the sun. And just like that giant in the sky, they made her burn.

         She faced away from her friend, reaching for a towel. “Do you need one?”

         “Uh- uh, no thanks!” It was slow, and then rushed. It was a messy reply that made her heart flutter.

         She turned to face the other girl, and found she was already staring at her. “You know, you don’t have to be nervous around me.”

         “I… I know. I’m just really… grateful you let me come over.” A slow smile crept on the shy one’s face.

         She tilted her head, a questioning look on her face. “Is that all you’re nervous about?”

She nodded.

         “Oh,” she turned to face the towels again. Her ponytail swished while she fiddled her hands on the towel, then quickly moved on to the sunscreen. And then the leftover swimsuit, just in case. Her legs strained not to move erratically. “Do you- Do you need anything?”

         “Uh… No, I don’t think so.”

         She sighed. “Well,” then she faced her, “Is there anything you want to ask me?”

         “Maybe,” the girl moved closer. Her hair moved like it was already under water, it didn’t matter how messy it was. Nobody else seemed to notice, but her.

         “Yes?” There was so much hope in her voice. Her legs were silent in the water.

         “W-What’s your diet plan?!” It was blurted out, so quickly a bird flew away from the poolside. The girl looked deflated, staring at the questioner with a lost sense of balance. And the girl herself was just looking at her in trepidation.

         She was lost for words. “Uh.” Radically lost, she was in a forest with no signs. “Uhm.” A sea that enveloped her for miles, with no plots of land. “Well,” it hurt. The other girl waited in silence, in quiet excitement for her secrets. She forced a smile, “I’m sorry, I just work out.”


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