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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2092111
When you spy on your man...
He is my buddy, my soul mate, my everything. Looking at him from across the street makes me proud.

I do that very often; it’s kind of a ritual of sorts. Very early in the morning, I sneak out of my own house to drive to his apartment block, park my car, and wait. For minutes I am looking at people passing by in hurry, and kids making it to school across the street: bundles of joy, eager to start the day.

Sometimes I eat my breakfast, a bun with cheese, and a hot coffee. Occasionally I can’t eat at all since he is on my mind every minute. How I love him. Boom, boom, goes my heart. My mouth gets dry, my stomach aches.

He is always punctual, at 8 a.m. on the dot, he is coming out of the hallway door, looks around, greets the day and starts walking towards his car, a light blue Citroen C1 1.0-12V Ambiance. It’s a beautiful city car, swift and easy to drive with all its benefits like cruise control, ESP, and airbag. So much more luxurious than my own black Seat Ibiza from 2000. But I like my car and it gives me the seclusion I now need while snooping on my man.

I want to see him as often as I can, and though we meet twice a week to have dinner or go to a movie, that’s not nearly enough for me. I need to see more of him; I want to look at his great posture, his manly appearance, and his gorgeous build. So I watch him from afar, unnoticed, anonymous, with joy in my heart and a heaving bosom. Every day for three months now. That’s my man, he is mine!

When he starts his car to go off to work, I follow him for five minutes before driving in the other direction to my own work at Central’s. My day starts with a smile, every day. I can’t wait until we meet again Friday night. To kiss, to fondle, to make out on my couch before heading to the newest feature in the cinema. Till then I treasure my forbidden pleasure, I spy on him and it’s making my days.

This lovely summer's morning I overslept a little and I was a bit late so I arrived at his place at 8.15 instead of 8 in the morning. Almost anticipating my disillusion of not seeing him this morning I want to drive past as I suddenly spot his car in a nearby street. He has parked at an unusual spot, but yahoo, the car is still there so he must be still inside. All I have to do is park and watch like I always do.

The sun is already shining bright, a little sea breeze is filling my car as I lean back in anticipation of what I am about to see. What shirt would he wear this time, would he have put on a necktie for a meeting or dress casual with this lovely weather?

At 8.30 am, the front door is moving and out he comes…accompanied with a beautiful blond. Her hair is long and full, her figure is petite and gorgeous, her legs even longer with those high heels. They are obviously together since they are holding hands and touching. A long French kiss in front of the building before they part.

What? What’s this? Who the hell is she? I am sitting frozen with horror in my seat watching. My brain freezes up on me, as I cannot comprehend what I just saw. My man with another woman?! I am in shock.

A few minutes of utter panic. Sweat pours out of my skin; my heart beats so fast I can hear the drumming in my ears.

My eyes are tearing when I start the car to drive on. My hands are shaking and my mind goes blank. I have to start the Seat three times before there is actual movement.

I return home and report sick at work. This is too much. My feet are dragging the rest of the day; I am in a numb like state. Then I prepare for the next day. My man, I love him so.

That Friday I greet him with my best smile as usual. He looks at his own gorgeous self, a new suit of linen cloth, and a beautiful embroidered tie with green leaves. I am humming the Green leaves of summer by The Brothers Four:

Woo, woo,
A time to be reaping
A time to be sowing
The green leaves of summer
Are calling me home

Twas so good to be young then
In the season of plenty
When the catfish were jumping

As high as the sky
A time just for planting
A time just for plowing
A time to be courting

A girl of your own
Twas so good to be young then
To be close to the earth
And to stand by your wife

Instead of going to the movies, I ask him to stay at my place, have a quiet night in, and do some slow dancing before having dinner. I have cooked us a lovely meal, bought some flowers, and give him his beer as I put on the CD.

I take my glass and cheer…with one gulp we savor our drinks. Then we kiss and start to slow dance.

At the moment of birth, woo
A time to be reaping
A time to be sowing
A time just for living

A place to die
Twas so good to be young then
To be close to the earth
Now the green leaves of summer
Are calling me home

Twas so good to be young then
To be close to the earth
Now the green leaves of summer
Are calling me home

Their tragic voices are beautiful and understanding as I throw away the empty cyanide bottle in the bin. We are meant to be together, forever.

Dance me to the end of love.

Word count: 1008.

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