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by Harry
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A rhyming poem dealing with phobias.
Hundreds of phobias from which people suffer
complicate their lives, make their lives somewhat tougher.

Closets, small rooms, elevators do not feel right;
crushing crowds make the heart race, the chest become tight.

The higher above the ground, closer to the sky
the phobe gets, the greater this fear will amplify.

Slithering along, poisonous or not, the sight
of him elicits the need to kill or for flight.

“Jaws” movies brought this phobia to the forefront.
(duunnn dunnn ... duuuunnnn duun … dun dun)
Being eaten alive isn’t pleasant to confront.

Walking into a web, having eight legs crawling
on your skin is something these phobes find appalling.

Having raised four myself, this phobia makes sense;
that they become adults is the main recompense.

Seeing these scurrying about the house brings fear,
causing standing on chairs and shrieking to appear.

Stings on the wing bring pain, even a much worse threat
if allergic -- perhaps death by small bayonet.

Reading this poem could cause phobophobia
in some but hopefully not metrophobia.

(Poetic format: rhyming couplets, 12 syllables per line)

List of phobias included in this poem:
Acrophobia -- Fear of heights
Arachnophobia -- Fear of spiders
Claustrophobia -- Fear of confined spaces
Ephebiphobia -- Fear of teenagers
Metrophobia -- Fear of poetry
Ophidiophobia -- Fear of snakes
Phobophobia -- Fear of phobias
Selachophobia -- Fear of sharks
Spheksophobia – Fear of wasps
Suriphobia -- Fear of mice

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