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A first kiss with a special girl
This was written for "A Romance Contest ~~ CLOSED with the only prompt being that it had to do with romance and summer. This entry was given an Honorable Mention, though they usually only give out first and second prizes. "Round 15 - Summer: Winners"  


“What was that?” I hastily wipe my shirt.

She roars with laughter. “I think a June bug just hit you in the chest!”

“Whew! I didn’t know what that was! I feel better now.” I chuckle too.

I appreciate how the moon’s reflected light glows on her skin, a grayish-white color, making her seem otherworldly. She notices my staring.

“What are you looking at? I don’t have a bug on me, do I?”

I tease, “Maybe. I’ll never tell.”

“If I have a bug on me, you’d better tell...and get it off me.”

She reaches to tickle me and my waist moves quickly to get my torso out of reach. I hold my arm out to keep her at bay.

“Fine!” She pretends to huff.

I give her a one-armed hug to help smooth things over.

She asks, staring at the sky, “Do you know how to find the Big and Little Dippers?”

“Baby, give me enough stars and I can find any constellation you can name…so long as you don’t have a book to verify.”

I laugh. So does she. It makes my heart smile that I can make her happy, even if it is with my silliness.

“Those are about the only things I can find anymore,” she says. “I used to be able to identify more, but now it just looks like a jumble of…I don’t know…”


“Smart Alec.”

She smacks me playfully in the stomach. My shirt sticks to my stomach from the heat of the summer night. I'm embarrassed and hope she doesn’t notice.

A lightning bug suddenly comes within arm’s reach and she stretches out her hand to have it land on her, but it avoids the gentle collision she was trying to cause. She pulls away from me to follow it. I pull my shirt off of my skin and fluff it repeatedly, fanning myself, trying to dry the ever thickening layer of perspiration. I stop when she turns toward me to follow the firefly.

The tiny insect has no idea it is being stalked by such a beautiful and benevolent creature. If she knew what they ate, no doubt she’d work to acquire a lovely supper for him. The firefly continues to drift and twinkle just out of her reach. Suddenly it turns and chooses to land, not on her hand, as she’d been fervently trying to achieve, but on her nose. She smiles widely and points excitedly.

“Yes, I see. You’re the Firefly Whisperer.”

We both laugh, disturbing the bug who then flies off for a moment, but quickly returns to float in front of her.

“Do you want to sit on my nose again? Huh? Did you like that? Do I smell good?” she asks with a giggle.

As if in response, the insect approaches and promptly lands on her lips.

She immediately spits and blows raspberries and spits again, cursing at the tiny thing.

I double over with laughter, trying to get out, “He…” more laughter, “He just wanted…” I can barely get it out. “…a kiss.” I laugh harder than I had in a very long time.

She continues spitting and wiping her mouth.

“Stupid lightning bug tried to crawl in my mouth for a French kiss.”

At that, I laugh even harder, then accidentally snort, causing her to begin laughing too.

When our laughter begins to fade, she approaches me and smirks, “How would you like a kiss?”

“From you, Lightning Bug Lips?” I snark. “I’m not sure that would be altogether pleasant.”

“Hm.” She raises an eyebrow.

“Then again,” I lean toward her, “I’m not sure that would be altogether unpleasant, either.”

I lean in closer. She follows. I suddenly don’t feel hot anymore, but a cold sweat washes over me. I always hate first kisses, but this girl is special and I didn’t want to blow it, so I waited until the second date, thinking that was slow enough to show respect, but fast enough to show interest. We’d been friends for several months now and the move to date seemed like it happened naturally, but still, I'm nervous. My stomach quivers as our lips meet. I keep my tongue to myself, hoping my restraint would be seen as a further sign of respect. A moment more, then she pulls away. I wondered if I’d made a mistake by kissing her. Or maybe I’d made a mistake by not using my tongue. Perhaps she interpreted that as a lack of enthusiasm…or skill. I start rethinking every choice I’d made that lead up to and included the kiss.

“That was nice,” I say awkwardly.


She tucks herself under my arm and puts her arm around my waist. Suddenly I am very self-conscious about my summer sweat. She is moist too, but I don’t mind. But she’s a girl and girls can be squimish about such things. I worry and wish I’d brought a towel to dry off with. The end of that kiss only made matters worse. Now I have the sweaty stench of anxiety mixed with the night’s heat. Maybe she’s hot too.

“Would you like to sit in the car and look at the stars in the A/C?”

“No. Let’s just go for a walk.”

Did she think I was trying to get her in the back seat to take advantage of her? Or worse, did she think I was trying to get positioned to take her home because I wasn’t enjoying myself. Well, maybe that wasn’t worse, but still. I realize my mind is working crazy and I’m disturbed that I sound like a silly school girl instead of a strong man. I’m thankful she can’t read my thoughts, though I wish I could read hers.

We walk.

“It’s muggy out tonight.”

“Yes,” I agree.

We approach the wood line ahead and I wonder if there are eyes watching us. Forests at night have always given me the creeps, though I certainly wouldn’t admit that to her right now. I continue by her side, my arm over her shoulder. I’m no longer sure which I’m more disturbed by, my failed attempt at kissing her or the dark woods just before us.

She stops, puts her hands around my neck and says, “I wanted a little more privacy. How about we continue that kiss?”

Suddenly my fear of the woods fades and I smile as my lips close the distance with hers. I try not to smile while I’m kissing her, because I don’t want her to ask about it. I just try to relax and let her lead the way.

I’m surprised as her tongue slips past my lips.

Word Count 1110
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