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Glad to not have an eye visit today with the ophthalmologist for an eye injection.
NO EYE INJECTION this morning. I have a THREE (3) week break. Doc says that I am holding steady on the sight even though AMD is still there and slightly progressing. Still able to read font size 14 (12 is a major strain), and see everything else I need to see. Still have get close to the computer (nearsighted), and real close to faces to make distinctions, but then that has always been the case without my glasses.

What am I saying? I am saying that my sight is hanging in there and I THANK GOD. I am saying that I can safely take three weeks off without a shot and not worry about my sight. I am saying how thankful I am and how blessed I am.

Since starting this journey, I have met people who have since gone blind. I have met people with sight in only one eye. I have met people who can see, but their vision is so blurred that they have been declared legally blind. And, yes, I have been scared.

Doc says that one day he will have to tell me that I will not be allowed to drive any more, but with the progression now in my eyes that won't be for some time in the future, and even then I will still be able to do my own grocery shopping. Yes, I have been scared and angry.

Today, I am neither for I am just happy to be able to sit here with a 125% screen size and type this message. Sometimes I can even do this with just 100% screen size. Okay, then there are days that I have to go up to 175%, but they are rare and I am usually stressed out of my mind. STRESS, the real enemy for AMD.

I am learning not to stress. I have moved some stressors out of my life. I am working on removing others. I keep thinking about a slow quiet place on the beach, out in the woods, or southern suburbs where life moves at a much slower pace. Not sure that will work for me, but like everything else in life, it is a choice, and it is one that I will have to make, hopefully sooner than later.

Until then, I am just thankful that I do NOT have to get an injection today, and that my vision is at its best. I will just enjoy the break, do something useful like painting and working on my writing projects.

Isn't it just wonderful to be alive?

I hope that you too will make the best of your day and just bite off little tiny pieces. There is no need to take a big junk and start choking on it. When I take those big chunks, I start stressing and my sight gets cloudy. When I become the fixer, my eyes actually bleed inside. WHEN I LET GO, the eyes settle down and I can see.

Enjoy this day. It is the only one you have!

Peace and blessings, always.
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