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Sequel to 1-write a will
Now we can consider the first part of the list completed , as a result, our list will look like this:
1- Write a will √
2-Split the key
3-Pass out the split pieces .

The second task on the list was to split the key into 22 parts, and he knew no better person to do that other than his old friend Mr. Taymond.

"Hey, old pal" said Mr. Rascal as he entered his friends workshop.
"Oh, hey Jean welcome welcome, long time no see man"

"you too, " said Mr. Rascal
"Ummm... can I ask you for a very tiny favour "

"Sure anything for you dude "

"I want you to split this key into 22 different parts which are all equal in size"

"Only that " said Mr. Taymond smiling " give me the key "
And Mr. Rascal -Jean- indeed gave it to him, and after 15 whole minutes, of talking and running down the memory lane, the key was split successfully .

"Thanks a lot dear friend I really owe you one"
"Don't mention it, what are friends for, if they didn’t help each other "

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