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Birthday wishes to my oldest daughter on her 48th birthday.
Well, 5:00 pm has come and gone! This day isVERY IMPORTANT to me. On this day I always celebrate my elder daughter's birthday. We were living in Lawton, Oklahoma when she was born. I can remember being very upset about being pregnant even though I was married. BUT on the day of her birth, I could not have been happier.

She showed up with a head full of jet black curly hair. Not a spot on her scalp could be seen. Dr. Epstein handed her directly to me a few moments after she showed up. I remember that very special feeling that I had as I looked at her laying on my breast. It was a miracle, and I had carried her, ate for her, had indigestion for months., and now she was here looking at me with those great big old eyes. That was the moment I truly understood love at first sight.

From that moment, I became a mother, and I have held that job with pride for 48 years! Her birth was the beginning of my life, and today as I sit here thinking about her and the road we have traveled, I thinkGod for giving her to me 48 years ago. We have our moments, and we will continue to have them as we grow older each day, but no matter how many moments or how many years come and go Shalinda Leordria Miles will ALWAYS be the child that made me a mother.

Shalinda, I pray that this day was special for you. I pray that this coming year will bring you joy and happiness. I know that you will make the best of it no matter what comes your way. Always remember, life is not a gamble, that life is a series of choices, and every choice you make will determine who you are and where you will land. Make good choices.

NO, you and I are not getting older, we are just getting better and wiser. SO ENJOY your day. Live life to the fullest. So, eat that chocolate that I sent you, and for Pete sake smell the flowers. (TAKE some Benedryl, so you don't swell up from eating it.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADYBUG! I love you very much.

Peace and blessings always!
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