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A poem about Henry VIII's first wife.
Write an essay (1000 words max) or a poem (60 lines max) about one of Henry the Eighth's wives for "A Very British Challenge

Katherine of Aragon
December 16, 1485 – January 7, 1536
Queen Consort of England
June 11, 1509 – May 23, 1533

Oh Princess of Wales and Arthur’s first wife
Five months later, sadly he died.
You married his brother, King Henry the VIII
Though later he had still another five wives,
At least with your head, you from him escaped.

Ambassador in England for Spanish Court
First female ambassador in Europe and smart.
Roman Catholic Katherine with daughter Mary I
By 1525 with no son, King Henry had drifted apart
And fancied Anne Boleyn and after her he thirst.

From Pope Clement the VII he tried to annul
And when denied set out to Catholicism dismantle.
But you were devout and clung to your faith
Even as he created a new one just to have marriage annulled
You were popular with the people of Henry the VIII.
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