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Melissa has an issue with her weight, the race is on!
Melissa sat at her kitchen table having breakfast and thumbing through the latest edition of Hello Magazine, sighing at the centre pages showing all the stars in their finest clothes and looking attractive. But Melissa wasn't admiring their clothes, she was admiring their figures. She imagined herself looking slim just like them.

She thought back to the previous fortnight to a chat she had with her doctor about her weight. Dr Meekin had told her all about the Gastric Band List that he was putting together. He had informed her that if she didn't do something about her weight soon she would have a myriad of health issues. He had told her she was morbidly obese. It made her shudder every time she thought about it. Not only that, there were only two spots left available on the list and that at least five other women were all wanting on it. He advised her that if she wanted on it she would have to lose at least ten pounds to be considered. So after that day Melissa had gone home and binned all the junk food in her snack drawer and had started going to Zumba classes three times a week at her local gym.

On her fridge she had the deadline date 24.07.16 written in red marker pen on a post it note where she could see it whenever she went to overeat. This was her follow up date with Dr Meekin and Melissa kept it firmly in her mind from the moment she woke up until she went to bed.
Melissa finished breakfast and took herself upstairs to get ready for her early morning Zumba class with her friend Kelly. Just as she finished getting dressed she heard her front door open and a voice shout.

'Hey it's only me are you ready yet'? Melissa came to the top of the landing and looked down at her friend Kelly standing in the doorway with her leggings and tank top on.

'Yup, just getting my gym bag then we're good to go'.

'Great' beamed Kelly.

Melissa often felt a little annoyed at Kelly. Her figure was already perfect, yet she'd complain that she was fat and often grabbed onto skin to illustrate it and Melissa would then copy her to show her what fat really looked like. On the plus side, Kelly was a great motivator and just what Melissa needed when she told her about her gastric band challenge.

'We'll have you in shape in no time!' Promised Kelly as she enrolled themselves into the gym. Melissa collected her gym bag and ran downstairs to meet Kelly.

'That Zumba class was awesome, I'm a sweaty mess', chuckled Kelly as the two of them walked out into the cool air. Melissa didn't say very much and gave a half smile in response.

'Wassamatter Mel? You ok?'

'Yeah, it's just that we've been coming here for the last few weeks and I don't feel any slimmer, I can't weigh myself cos you took my scales and I have no idea if I've lost weight, if any at all'. Melissa rested against a half wall and put her head in her hands and quietly cried.

'It takes time mate, you might not see it, but I see some small changes and just think, when you step on the scales at the doctors, how good you'll feel when he tells you that you're on that list eh'? Melissa looked through her hands.

'You think I have lost weight'? she mumbled pitifully.

'Yeah, I think you have. Remember that top you put on the other day and I said it looked too baggy?'

'I thought you were just saying that to make me feel better' sniffed Melissa.

'Nooooooo, I was saying that because it was true. I'm telling you mate, you've lost some weight.'

A few weeks passed and Melissa stood outside of the doors that lead to the surgery and took a deep breath. She opened the doors and made her way to the reception counter and gave her name. Melissa glanced around the waiting area and noticed another five women sitting all looking equally pensive. Slowly one by one Melissa watched as each woman was taken in to see Dr Meekin. She tried to gauge their expressions as they left but only one looked pleased with themselves.

'Miss Jones? This way please'. Melissa followed the doctor and closed the door behind her.

'Right Melissa, if you could just take your jacket and shoes off, we'll get you weighed'. Melissa could feel her heart thumping in her chest as she stepped onto the scales. The doctor balanced the scales and wrote the figure down on his form. He looked up at Melissa and smiled.


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