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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Death · #2094796
joel thinks of another, more brutal way of getting david's men to talk; his feet.
"i'm....not...t-telling you....a-anything man!" the man who joel had just stabbed in the knee proved more capable than joel had anticipated and he pulled the knife out in a rage while the man yelped in pain and prepared to stab him in the neck...but then joel had another idea.

joel back away from the man and faced the wall at the other side of the room, thinking...

"could even I be that cruel?" he wondered.

"Ellie is counting on me" he thought "I wont let her down"

Joel made up his mind and almost felt bad for the man knowing what he was in store for. Joel crouched down and unlaced his boots before bulling them off to show a pair of damp black socks, drenched in sweat. he turned to the man and said;

"last chance, where. is. she.?!?"

the man kept his mouth tight shut and joel sighed before pulling off his socks and shoving them in the mans mouth.

before the man could spit the dirty socks out, joel had duct taped his mouth shut, and all he could do was gag on the salty taste.

Joel stood there, frozen for a minute in his sweaty, dirty, size 12 bare feet, before he grabbed the back of the mans head and forced his face into his sweaty boot.

the man gagged and moaned at the powerful stench of Joel's foot sweat

"where is she?" Joel asked again

"MMFF YOU" the man was able to get out before joel pulled the boot away and tipped the chair backwards

the man hit the floor with a thud and looked up at the furious barefoot man above him and was unable to supress a whimper at what was coming

joel raised his bare foot over the mans face and held it there so the man could see all the dirt and sweat on his soles before he brought it down and rubbed it all over the mans face.

the man gagged hard at the raw stench of joels foot stink and velt violated having joel rub his face like this.

Joel had started to create a dirty footprint on the mans face and was just about to shove his toes up the mans nose when the man gave in


Joel smiled at his succsess and ungagged the man.

"mark it on the map" joel told him.

the man had nothing else to mark with and felt a blush rise to his cheeks as he rubbed joels dirty socks (still in his mouth) over the spot.

"thanks" Joel smiled, he took the socks out of the mans mouth and raised his foot again, he was about to bring it down when another wicked idea hit him.

"yall' wanna live?" he asked the man

the man nodded

"then you're goona clean my smelly ass feet" joel smiled

he put his foot and inch away from the mans face, the man could smell the rancid stench and hesitated, so Joel ground his sole into the mans nose until he started licking.

Joel sighed in pleasure as the man licked all the dirt off his big sweaty bare feet.

the man carried on tasting joels feet for about 20 minutes before joel said;

"thats enough, the're good and clean now....thanks" and then he raised his now spotless bare foot in the air and brought it down hard on the mans head, crushing his face under his sweaty soles and grinding his foot in for good measure. the man stopped breathing.

the mans partner saw all of this and told joel;

"screw you man he did everything you wanted, i aint doing shit for you!"

"that's alright." Joel said "my feet are already clean"

and with that, Joel caved the mans face in with one stomp of his sweaty size 12 bare foot.
"now to find Ellie." he said pulling on his still reeking boots and wet socks before picking up his bag and leaving two dead bodies with footprints on thier crushed faces.
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