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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2095037
Vinnie and Death converse in a DMV line...
         "This line is slower'n a funeral procession, aint it? Would it kill them to open another window for cryin' out loud? I'd like to renew my licence some time in my lifetime."
         "Ah, Vinnie. What's your hurry? I can wait with you."
         "Huh? Do I know you? C'mon, c'mon already. I'm gonna be late to my own funeral."
         "We've never met, but we've crossed paths a few times. You're a trucker, right?"
         "I'm goin' nowhere fast, but ya. You could say I got a few miles under my belt. I should be motorin' now, you know, pick-ups, drop-offs? What're you doin' here? Followin' me. haha? Get it? A little trucker joke."
         "Well, you could say that. I too wait, and specialize in pick-ups. I wait for numbers to be called. I collect tickets. When your time is up, it's up."
         "You got that right. All I do is wait. Hurry up and wait here, hurry up and wait there. Now, I'm dyin' here. Does the DMV plan on buryin' me with my licence?"
         "Calm down, Vinnie. Your time will come in due course. While we're killing time, so to speak, here at the Department of Motor Vehicles, why don't you share a few trucking tales. Any close calls?"
         "Stories? Get in line pal, I've stared death in the face more times'n I can count. It aint pretty. One minute yer mindin' yer own business, then, wham, it's lights out, end of the road. Whoa, am I gettin' closer? Is it just me, or are the lights brighter all of a sudden?"
         "I think you'll be moving on any minute, Vinnie. You could say it's the end of the road for you."
         "I hope so. It's about time. All the poor fools in here have a life to get back to, just like me. It's a little stuffy. I feel clammy. I must be more tired'n I thought."
         "Hello, Vinnie. Yes, you've stared me in the face one too many times. Why do you look so surprised? Gasping won't help you now. I suppose you thought I'd knock on your door, the truck door? Not everyone goes kicking and screaming. Oh, did you hear that? Your number's been called.And Vinnie, you'll be right on time for your own funeral."
         "Wh-wh-where's the-the camera? Am-am I bein' punked?" 384 words
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2095037-Your-Numbers-Up-Vinnie