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Star Trek 2 - Dr. McCoy gives Captain Kirk glasses, but he thinks Jim needs a ship.
Dear Captain Kirk has come of age,
he needs some glasses now,
The admiral on new found stage
is sad as head does bow.

A happy birthday it should be,
but something is amiss,
Great friends and honor all hath he,
but all Goodbye he'd kiss,...

If he could bring back days of youth,
and captain ship, again,
Computer jockey, it's the truth,
the loneliest of men.

So, take your glasses and your ale
and throw them at the feet,
Of ancient folks, who know your tale,
return with haste your seat!

As end we do our Star Trek tale anon,
we words of wisdom give with care,
When walk we slow with days of youth begone,
we must yet work our best gifts there.

For if we waste our waning days
to live another's dream,
We'll be a trophy in displays
of that one's home
as empty shirt with rotting seam.

Line Count: 25

by Jay O'Toole
on September 1, 2016

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