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Often God is known more by His absence than by His Presence, His silence than by His boom.
Where is God, when you're all alone?
Where is God, when you have no home?
Where is God, when you want to talk?
Where is God, when He seems to balk?

Where is God, when you're in a crowd?
Where is God, when home is big and loud?
Where is God, when you feel like talk is through?
Where is God, when you don't know which you is you?

Where is God, when you know He's really there?
Where is God, when you know He really does care?
Where is God, when you know He hears you speak?
Where is God, when He's The One you seek?

Why is God silent, when you need a good word?
Why is God absent, when He's breathing your breath?
Why do we stumble, when He is our Lord?
Why do necks bristle as though near to death?

Why is God nearest, when He seems...O...so...far?
Why are we safest, when the door seems ajar?
Why is there Hope, when all seems so lost?
Why is there bounty in the severest cost?

"Be still and know that I am your God,"
I work my own will, though no man applaud,
The psalmist assures in 46 - 10,
There's no one but God, who ever will win!

So, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart,
lean not upon your own thinking part,
"In all of your ways show knowledge of Him,
and He will refocus your paths...O...so...thin."

The proverb is three, verses five and then six,
that tells us that God knows the way, and He picks,
The where and the why and the what has its place,
but The Who is the Sovereign of all living Grace.

Line Count: 32

by Jay O'Toole
on September 4, 2016

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