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by Nagems
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Women's · #2095497
Some guys just don't get it. I wrote this 12/1/14.

My body is a temple
And yes you may stare
But don't come up to me
Like you have some kind
Of speech prepared.
I'm not your baby
Or your honey bun
I'm simply delicious
And no, you can't have some.
You don't please my eye
Or give me the tingles
I'm pretty sure your one liner's
Is the reason why you're single.
I'm not you're sweet Thang
Or something you can eat
So stop eyeing me down
Like I'm a rare piece of meat.
My body isn't your Wonderland
For you to explore,
I'm an exotic foreign country
Not a second class whore.
I won't give you my number
Or Snapchat name
I've heard this all before
You are all the same.
My eyes are up here
But you're looking at my chest
Last time I checked
That's not a sign of respect.
You say that you're different
And not like the rest,
That you're number one
To simply put it
"The best".
I regret to inform
That you are highly mistaken
So you're going home tonight
To a bed that is vacant.
I won't regret this decision
And I won't keep you in mind
But If you like, take a number
Join the other guys in line,
Who think I'm a bitch
Or a stuck up chick
But darling pipe down
You're just another dick.
I'm not that type of girl
Who randomly fucks,
If you like go down the street
They'll always suck...
I know my worth
And what I deserve
I don't have time
For a creepy, ass-perve.
I have a man who loves me
And treats me the right way
So why would I bother
And give you the time of day?
He's perfect and handsome
A real bread winner
So I'll deny you again
You can't take me out to dinner.
I'm just not that into you
Or however it goes,
You're going to be leaving
As a one man show.
You should probably go
Cause No means no
Sorry not sorry
I think you learned your lesson though.


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