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I wrote this after class on the subject once.
Natural global warming
This is a hot topic for some people, and I am no different. I am one who does not believe in all the hype surrounding man-made global warming. I have decided to do some research on this issue. In this essay, I will tell you what I believe is the cause and effect of natural global warming.
Did you know that our planet is older than the period that is recorded? Its true our planet is about 4.5 billion years old. During that time there have been many ice ages and natural global warming's caused by many natural disasters. Did you also know that our planet is not the only one going through natural global warming and cooling? Let’s take a look at the Cause for these phenomena’s and the effect it has on the natural global warming on our planet at this time.
There have been five major ice ages during earth’s time. For 85% of the time that earth has been around it has been Ice free. We are said to be in an Ice age right now. During this ice age, the ice glaciers have retreated over 20 times. The highest point of this present ice age was 20,000 years ago. Each ice age last millions sometimes 10s of millions of years. 60 million years ago the earth was a tropical place. It was so warm trees grew in the Artic and Antarctica. We're in the 3rd significant cooling time that started 3 million years ago. There is no reason that we can prove that the earth cools and warms as it does. However, a cause for these effects could be that the land distance from the sun fluctuates. As well as when volcanic eruptions happen it sends co2 at least three times the amount that we as humans have ever put into the atmosphere.
My last point is something I came across while searching about all the natural global warming's out there. However, I have found that not only our planet goes through natural global warming. Jupiter’s planet has warmed a second red spot was created; the original red spot has disappeared. Mar’s ice caps have begun to melt. Neptune’s moon Triton has warmed significantly since 1989. Even Pluto has warmed to -230 C from -233 C. Do you think there could be a cause for all these effects? Is there anything all these planets and moons have in common? Could it be the huge ball of gas, 300,000 times in mass than earth that is 20 million % C? The sun has been unusually active and influential.

There is so much more I could say and share on these points, but then I would need to write a book. Please do yourself a favor before falling into the “It must be man-made” hype. Look up these things for yourself. The debate of Man-made Global warming vs. Natural made global warming will never be over. The fact is it is both. We may contribute to some of the global warmings, but it is such a small amount. You must look at the facts. The fact is Mother Earth has had a natural cycle far before humans ever set foot on her. Man’s role in this Global warming is in addition to the Natural cycle of earth and not the driving cause. That much is fact!
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