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Another story in my embarrassment series
Adam and his sisters Becky & Rochelle had transferred to a new school over the summer, there were a couple reasons for this, for Adam was mercilessly tormented by bullies especially one group of 3 girls. Becky & Rochelle blamed Adam for the school change since they had friends at the old school and he didn't, so the sisters concocted a plan to make him of the laughing stock again.

In his previous school he was without a question a nerd, everyone's favorite target, even other nerds embarrassed him, in fact one point when a group of cheerleaders were about to depants a small nerd, he pointed Adam out and they chased him instead, he was also stripped naked multiple times (in fact he didn't come home with clothes one time in the last week of school).

Becky found out from a classmate that the school always had an assembly at the beginning of the year to introduce newly transferred students to the school, after class she found Rochelle and they formed a plan. As the day went on Becky & Rochelle were anxious for their impending humiliation of their brother, Rochelle beamed as she walked through the halls, she saw a nerd run past her followed shortly by a group of jocks, Rochelle was happy to inform them where their prey went. The Assembly was going to take place at the end of the first day, Becky sat in her last class of the day waiting for the assembly that was coming next period telling a few people when the teacher wasn't paying attention about her plans, between her and her sister nearly half the school knew what was coming next.

There were seven of them, newly transferred students that is, two of them were quite popular and already seemed to be good at sports even they were only in third grade, one was a nerdy looking kid who was a little bit bigger than Adam, next to this kid was a fifth grade girl and then came Adam and his siblings, Adam was in the middle with his sisters on either side of him. Adam was quite happy he had already made some friends in this school and had made it the whole day without getting his pants pulled down or his underwear yanked up, unfortunately that was all about to change.

One of the teachers was introducing each student, "Becky Holland!" the teacher said, "Adam Holl--" as the teacher was halfway through introducing Adam his sisters struck each one grabbing his pants from the side they were on and pulling down to his ankles exposing his tighty whiteys to the entire student body. The crowd erupted everyone it seemed was laughing as Adam was trying desperately to pull his pants up, only to have his sisters hold them down, even the teachers were laughing Adam noticed. Becky & Rochelle started reaching for his underwear with one hand while with the other they continued to hold his pants down, at this point a teacher started to walk towards them, with a smirk on his face and Becky & Rochelle released their grips on their brother's pants. Laughter continued as the two sisters were both proud of dropping his pants in front of everyone, but also disappointed because they weren't able to expose everything they had intended to.

Adam ran off to a room on the side of the gym, and spent of the rest of the assembly watching from the windows in the door of that room, it seemed to be an extra room they would use for certain activities the floor and all the walls were matted, Adam waited until the assembly was over and headed out as everyone else was coming down from the bleachers, as he walked past the 5th grade girl that had been introduced before him, he felt hands on his waistband again and before he could react, his pants and tighty whiteys were around his ankles and the crowd erupted again, the fifth grade girl had pantsed him, he pulled his pants almost all the way back up before his sisters decided to finish what they started and take whatever punishment they got, they pushed Adam back over and took his pants, underwear, socks & shoes off before he was able to get up and make his escape, bottomless, humiliated and once again not fully clothed at school.

Adam's two years in this school would be filled with humiliation just as his previous school was, in fact for the first two months, Adam couldn't go a single day without getting pantsed, swirlied, wedgied or stripped at school.
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