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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Guessing History

Ok, so what-da-ya-got there?

“Well! This item is called an umbrella. Apparently it was used to keep rain off one’s head.”

“What’s rain?”

“Oh, well a long time ago water dropped out of the sky.”

“Geeze! Why didn’t they catch it in a bucket?!”

“They didn’t need to, remember? There was water everywhere then…

“Oh yeah… can you imagine? So, umbrella huh. Weird. What’s that big thing?”

“This is a bicycle”

“What did they use that for?

“I’m not sure… these round things are wheels and they used wheels for a lot of things… but I’m not sure what these handles do. Maybe it had to do with recycling? We don’t really know yet. We only know they’re called bicycles because it’s written on a metal tag on the thing.”

“Oooh! Real writing? I mean real words on the thing? That will certainly bring a good price! What’s that other thing, it doesn’t look old.”

“It’s a pole. It is like the poles we have now but it’s old.”

“How do you know? I mean it’s nice, but it’s still just a pole.”

“Well, see these weird things at the top and bottom? They’re called flanges, they would attach the pole to the floor and to the ceiling. Weird right? So then the pole had to be magic or something because apparently it moved, even though it was attached like that.”

“What makes you think it moved?”

“Well, I don’t know what else to think, history says it’s for pole dancing…”
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