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Finally the door is open and I'm free!
Although I've never committed a crime, I was imprisoned. Through no fault of mine, nor anyone else, I felt like I had been locked away. For about a week I wasn't able to go any where, not even outside. The view is spectacular yet I could only see it through a tiny window, or through a slightly larger window within the door. Creature comforts were few.

I expected to be camping which was more reality than I knew about, before this new adventure was started. Sometimes a sacrifice is required for the better things ahead, yet the surprises kept coming one after another. First, there was no way for me to go home which I expected, because the ramp hadn't been built yet. Then, the weather turned into a deluge of rain pouring down which such veracity and strength that not only was there an over abundance of water, small rivers ran full tilt to their lowest point like rapids, washing out many roads and areas around bridges making traveling almost impossible. I couldn't take any chances so decided it would be safer for everyone and stayed inside.

Eventually I was able to go home. What a relief! I had waited long enough for the opportunity to be on the 10 acres which was my dream from childhood. I longed for a cabin on top of a mountain and was finally going to be live this dream. I had finally gotten out of one wonderful situation because of friends and was free to be home, awesome!

With great anticipation and excitement, I rode with my friend the short distance to my place and with the help of more friends managed to get inside my cabin. What a wonderful relaxing feeling and joy I had for finally being home for the first time since leaving my life long state and home. I have no regrets. The only issues are missing family and, missing friends. The rest I do not miss at all, not even a little bit.

So how exactly did I wind up in prisoned? I simply went home, not a big deal, right? Wrong. The catch was having the need for specialized equipment or environmental modifications. People who are wheelchair users, need ramps rather than steps. We usually have a very, very difficult or impossible challenge rolling up steps, so often when faced with steps it means we go no where fast. The materials were available to build the ramp, however I needed people power to make the ramp reality.

For a week I stayed home and waited. This was cause for reflection, exploration, pondering, and soul searching. Generally I'm very happy and thoroughly content. My biggest challenges were the temperature and the lack of organization. It was hot enough to fry an egg even with the air conditioner running trying to keep the temperature decent. When it wasn't able to keep up, I would turn it off and use the window fan. What is the use of running the AC when it was as hot inside as outside? With the window open and the fan running I at least could enjoy the cooler breeze and wait for the sun to go down. Occasionally I would stick my head through the door and wish I had a screen door so there would be more air circulating. Much of my medical and personal stuff is still packed and piled every where, so I tried to ignore it and do something like use the computer. Well, that didn't happen for a day because the internet and phone service wasn't installed. Fortunately before noon I had phone and internet service. This would help me deal better with the heat and things in boxes all over the floor and piled sky high. No, I haven't unpacked anything because the electrical wires, outlets, and switches need to be installed. I have electricity along one wall so am not burning candles. Insulation and drywall are installed after the electric work is completed. Then I can start unpacking and organizing things. The stuff in storage will be moved into the cabin hopefully very soon.

Today I was liberated, yeah! I am now sitting on my deck which is the first stage of the ramp project. There is a breeze and the view is spectacular. The temperature is cooler than inside by many degrees and Bella is content to hang out with me as I type this story. As long as the computer battery lasts, I'll be able to create this word art.

Now that I am able to come outside to cool off and also enjoy all of nature around my property as far as the eye can see, I feel like I've been freed from prison. Actually for me this entire adventure is wonderful, exciting, and a major huge blessing and gift from God. I only use the phrase "freed from prison" because it is the only way that i can think of which closely explains my perception of the situation that I was in at the time. Had it been cooler I would have been very content to deal with the lack of organization and wait for the ramp to be built.

I expect by the end of this week most of the ramp with be built and by the beginning of next week, at the latest, it should be finished. Being out in nature enjoying the sights sounds, sells, and all nature has to offer is like having my first experience of freedom and enjoying life outside. This is exactly what I came to Arkansas for and what I want to enjoy for the rest of my days. I'm on top of the mountain in more than just one way.

I have a dream come true experience to enjoy, camping or roughing experience which I have to admit isn't too rough, and hopes and dreams for the future. My blessings rain down upon me in abundance. God is watching over me and caring for me as He always has.

I'm home in more ways than one for another reason. I have my home and acreage and recently have been able to return to WDC home. This is a win, win situation.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2096240