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So she threw a party
She wanted him so bad. It made her stomach ache; it made her mind go blank every time she saw him, saw that gorgeous body. His well-combed hair in a bun, his gorgeous dark brown eyes sparkling towards the sun and almost capturing the beams, his well-kept body, and his more than perfect knees in cargo shorts. He was the epiphany of a god-like man. He was beautiful; he was the rising star in her life.

He also was the boyfriend of her neighbor. Bummer!

So what do you do in a situation like this? You throw a party and invite all your neighbors, gorgeous and partner included.

There was meat with and without spices, delicious salads, and French bread; there were bubbles, music, and good weather, so the barbecue was a great success. She was the perfect party hostess, and she made sure everybody was having a good time.

Then she kept him company for hours, listening to his stories, feeding him jokes, laughing at him, and looking into those beautiful eyes. She every so often touched his hand and caressed his arm so very subtly. Her head was in a spin, and it wasn't easy to keep her wits about it.

Around midnight she asked him if he would like a tour inside the house. They both left the grounds for the house.

When they entered the bedroom, she saw that he knew what she was up to. And he played along. They both had a wonderful hour of fun.

Afterward, she delivered him back to his girlfriend, who was as drunk as she could be.

They parted with a handshake and a smile. Maybe till next time? He winked at her; she smiled back. What a wonderful party it was.

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