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Different men voyage on a ship on their own interlocking quests
“I wouldn’t think a ship would come here at all,” said Vacol.  “I guess you’re a good luck charm, in a way.”  He spoke to a baby boy who lay on the sand beside him.  If the baby wasn’t there, Vacol would simply talk to himself instead.

“Raising ya on coconuts and grass, just about,” said Vacol.  “But you good boy, you don’t even seem to mind.”  It was only a small island, out in the middle of nowhere.

The upper class bar on board the Heavy Whale was thriving with passengers, but Babenlo chose instead to lean on the outdoor railing and gaze over the ocean.  Alexander had Babenlo in his mind’s eye but carefully avoided glancing in his direction.  He studied the artwork on the bar’s wall.

Avoid me all you want, Babenlo, Alex thought.  I still know your identity, and far more of your quest than you would like. Alexander was a professional demonologist whose clientele included curious nobles.

To all appearances, Babenlo had moved along to his cushy private room.  The sky was dark.  Alexander produced a vial of water.  He stood in approximately the same place that Babenlo had stood in by the railing.  He poured a small line of water on the deck beside his feet.  Some of the water appeared to burn somehow against the deck and evaporate into a red smoke.  Alexander moved on.  As expected, he thought.  The man walks with devils.

Vaz noticed Babenlo walk to a spot beside the railing and begin gazing out at the ocean.  Earlier, he had seen Babenlo look towards the ocean that way for over an hour.  The sky had darkened.  This is my chance, thought Vaz.

He returned to his room down in the ship.  His roommates were busy playing cards in another room.  He reached beneath the sheet on his bed and produced a big, sturdy knife which he held against the inside of his arm.

As he started to scale the stairs that led from his dank room to the deck of the ship, a beautiful woman’s voice said from behind him “Beware.”  He turned to an incredibly bright winged female form.  She had blond hair and blue eyes.  She was nude.  “You have already failed.  Babenlo will inform the captain of your intentions.  You must jump ship and swim to the island before Babenlo murders Daniel.”

“I will,” said Vaz.  He reached the deck and ran for the side of the ship without hesitation.  He dropped the knife under the sea and swam in the direction that the ship traveled in, hoping to avoid detection and get to the island.

Alexander kneeled on the beach that he had just reached, resting his body after the difficult swim.  He had judged this to be the place that Babenlo’s relatively small private boat had sailed to.  It was a small island, with beach, trees, and grass.  And demons, thought Alex.  He knew a lot about Babenlo and his demons, but he did not know what it was that they planned to do.

After the worst of the exhaustion had ended, Alexander dragged himself to his feet and set out to find Babenlo and the demons.  He produced a small bag of dust and threw it into the air.  A blue wisp appeared, leading a path through the trees and over the grass.  Alexander followed the wisp.

As he walked, the terrain appeared to get deeper.  It seemed as though the trees were getting thicker and thicker, and were already so deep that the blue trail was almost the only thing that was visible in the darkness.  He stopped.  It was unnerving.  Should he press ahead, the way the faerie dust had seemed to lead?  Or should he turn back out of concern for his safety?  He told himself that he could turn back any time he wanted, so he pressed ahead and continued following the blue.

“Alexander Door,” came a voice out of the black.  “You are curious, but it is not a sin.  I am Duxze…svin…duzz..”

Alexander produced a vial of water, but felt a sting on his wrist and the water fell to the ground, which was immersed in darkness.

“Hahahaha,” came another voice.  “I really hate that stuff.  Thou hast sought me.  Thou hast found me.”

Vaz lay on the beach, exhausted.  He had reached the island.  He could see Babenlo’s personal boat on the beach beside him.  He dragged himself up and started towards the grass at the end of the sand.

As he stepped onto the grass he saw a man’s still, slashed body lying nearby.  It was Vacol.  Vaz continued on.  He was looking for the baby angel named Daniel.

“You,” said Alexander.  “Shipmate.”

“O.K.,” said Vaz.

“No,” said Alexander.  “I’m Alexander.”  He laughed, then frowned.  “But if I’m Alexander, then how can you be here?”

“Mad?” said Vaz aloud.

“Don’t be mad,” said Alexander.  “Beware this place.”  Vaz carefully began trying to walk around Alexander.

“I have to find someone,” Vaz said.

“Right,” said Alexander.  “But that’s not me.  Ahhhh, all the pains and terrors of hell are here!”  Vaz carefully continued on.  Alexander was on his knees.


Babenlo walked between a few trees.  He glanced behind one, and spotted a baby.  He drew his sword.  As he did, Vaz jumped at him from behind a tree, pushed the sword to the ground, and began choking Babenlo.

“I’m…so…” Babenlo paused.  “So…close…”

“You’re twisted!”  Babenlo lost consciousness.  Babenlo died.
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