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The latest news on Jane Austen.
Jane Austen Newsletter October 2016
Editor: Megan Princess Megan Rose

Hello Janeites! Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. It is autumn and I love autumn but dread winter. Autumn gives you a reason to smile.

Janeites. What is a Janeite? A Janeite is someone who feels an intensely personal affection for the author and writer and her books. Janeites love Austen's novels but they also feel close to the author herself whom they call Jane as if she were a neighbor whose kitchen door they could knock on to borrow a cup of sugar. Want to learn more about Janeites? Read the book by Deborah Yaffe. It is available at Barnes and Nobles. Amazon may have it as well. I am reading it now and I love being a Janeite. I am obsessed with Jane and would like to be a Jane Austen historian.

A Jane Austen Cookie Cutter.

This is a new Jane Austen Cookie Cutter from the Jane Austen Shop. You can find the Jane Austen Shop on line. This cookie cutter is used to make sugar cookies. My cover shows a baked Jane Austen cookie. I wish I had a Jane Austen sugar cookie right now.

Did you know Colin Firth didn't understand why Darcy was so popular. He just wanted to play a character who was a snob and who was disliked by everyone. He didn't try to bring charm to the role but he had charm anyway and he is everyone's favorite Mr. Darcy.

Move over Darcy! Ross Poldark is as charming as Darcy. Ross Poldark is about a man who fought in the American Revolution and his family in England thought he was dead and he lived and comes home. His father had died and his rich uncle accepts him but Ross finds out the woman he loves is marrying his rich cousin Francis and Ross still has his mining business but lives in poverty. He hires a maid and falls in love with her. They lose their baby to scarlet fever and his uncle dies and his cousin Francis cheats on his wife and Ross has to help his cousin plus he has an enemy with this man named George. George owns Francis' house and shares and could lose everything. Sounds like cousin Charles with the Bennetts. Ross is trying to make a honest living out of his mine and keep an eye on his cousin and watch his back where George is concerned. Season 2 has started and my husband watches this show with me. Aidan Turner plays Poldark and he played in the last "Lord Of The Ring" Hobbit movies. This man could play Darcy. He has charm, good looks and he would make a great Darcy!

I read "Pride and Prejudice" is being done as a ballet. I personally don't see it as a ballet.

The "Pride and Prejudice" Coloring Book for adults is a hit. I love mine.

I have some news I didn't know. Jane Austen brewed beer! She made the beer from spruce trees and the beer is brewed with buds from the trees and have citrus and pine flavors. We thought Jane just brewed tea!

I got to see "Love and Friendship." It is a good movie but I love "Lost In Austen", "Becoming Jane" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" more. With Halloween coming up, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is a great choice.

I am amazed when I read Regency Times Books that Bath and Hyde Park are mentioned. Jane Austen questions still come up on Jeopardy. I can't believe players don't know the answer. My husband says not everyone is a Jane Austen expert like me. I just know my Jane Austen, that's all.

This is all I have this month. I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I would love to hear from you. I will be back next month. Check out these forums:
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A neat Jane Austen ladies pictures.
Picture of sisters of Pride and Prejudice Zombies.

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