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The underlying theme of my 2016 NaNo Novel
The underlying theme of this novel could be a few things, and I may not fully know until I am well into November. But, at this point, it is the triumph of good over evil. It could also be love conquers all. Phineas starts out wanting to create something that will bring him a great deal of money so he can help his ailing son. Many of the children in Capercairn are sick or not developing normally. It is due to the industrial, black smog that covers the entire city. Only the elders remember seeing the sun or experiencing weather of any sort.
Phin starts out only wanting to help his son. The longer he works, the more he realizes he may be able to control the weather. So, he can help not only his son, by making money selling this invention, but also he can help all of the people who are currently controlled by The State and their whims. So, one of these two themes will wind up to be the underlying theme of the novel.
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