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How we respond to life when things are not going our way.
Weather or not, God is with you matters only when you are unhappy with the temperature. Or, are you mindful of His presence regularly, praying as you would converse with a friend, maybe enjoying the entire day together. Well, Heavenly Father who knows all of us very, very well inside and outside, very much desires and wants a close relationship with us, you, me, and anyone else who has even only the desire to start a relationship with Him. The question of greatest importance is what happens when things are challenging or beyond our understanding? When we ask, we always get an answer, yes, no, or wait. Having a "wait" challenge is where the battles are won and lost in Gods waiting room.

For me the past few months have been spent in Gods waiting room. Often, I've had no idea about the who, what, when, where, and how of life. It seems that it is all about the need to know and apparently, I do not need to know at the moment.

Things are not as they seem is something I keep in my mind so that I can have as much stability as possible. Knowing that God, Heavenly Father, is ultimately in charge, and that happiness doesn't mean being happy for or because of circumstances, rather it is because of my salvation and extremely close relationship with my Heavenly Father.

So, no matter what happens I have no excuse for not being happy. Happiness is a decision each of us have before us to ponder and act upon as we choose. My day is what I invest into it and what I make of it as my free will, a gift from God allows.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, yet, with Heavenly Father I, you, and anyone who has an up close or distant relationship, is gifted the wisdom, strength, and know how for getting through all types of terrain, circumstances, and life in general.

Scripture is the very best how to advise and directions anyone would want to have along with the best part, having a personal relationship with Heavenly Father, Jesus, holy Ghost, and help from many in heaven.

Weather be it hot, cold, or whatever is only one natural challenge we may have. Right now I have several which have caused me to consider Job. If he can manage to go through all that he went through without cursing God and dying, then what I'm facing isn't that big a deal. Prospective also gives way to realizing that there are many blessings that are precious gifts. These often come wrapped in packages which may on the surface seem to be not right, but when you explore the package contents, the situation, then my/your focus is clearer and you have a better idea about having more blessings than you realized. You, me, anyone, is actually what I mean here.

For example, I was supposed to have a ramp built which I expected to be done within a certain amount of time. Well, my expectations didn't align with God's plans, so I had a choice. Quit, throw a tantrum, or be flexible and understand that many if not all things are God's timing. I decided to allow God to work things out His way and although I had to wait a while, I passed this test, and perhaps some other people learned something in this process.

Things may not be as they seem, weather hot, cold, or not.
What type of weather are you having? Is it sunny, cloudy, or stormy? He is with you, and me through everything weather or not we see, feel, or know what the weather will be the next moment.
May your days be sunny.
Safe travels and many blessings.
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