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Searching for the keys to...
"Where are the keys is an too common issue in our household." I just had them in my hand and then they disappeared." This is the gist of the message I heard from my wife this morning. I was in enjoying a word game on my kindle. "Get in here and help me look!'' How can I not want to do otherwise? "I laid them on the counter and the next thing you know they are not there any more and I need to get to my client." I am in a bit of a spot. I am not working due to some circumstances I will not get into, I have not the slightest idea where to look for the keys and yet if I do not look it will be all my fault she can not find them.

This is a game that plays out all too often. If it isn't the keys it is the glasses and if not the glasses something else we desperately need or the whole world is bound to explode into ashes. What an awful thought! All the children in the world will go hungry if the keys are not found and I just happen to be one of them, after all we need money to get food. Well the wife gives up and takes the extra car key, leaving me in the unenviable position of rising the keys from oblivion, if that is where they are. These are the circumstances that drive a person wild. Maybe it is the cats or the dog who took them or even an invisible man or woman. All inhabitants must be questioned. Yes I did look to no avail. I will be in trouble! After all I am not working. Therefore I do not care.

Well I am talking to the keys. I know nothing else to do. Please keys come back to this place and find my hand so I can ever so gently caress and put you in a place where you will never be lost again. Do you suppose the keys are in a panic wondering if they will ever be found. What an awful thought! If anyone knows where they might be please let me know. There most certainly be a reward. After all I am not the only one looking for keys and if at once they are found I will be in such a state of joy that the heavenly gates with all the angels will open up and sing praise to God. Joy to the world the keys are found! What a wonderful song to flow from our lips! Help me find the keys and we will sing those words together and maybe for one day we will remember to never lose those keys again.
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