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Trinket poem in honor and thanks to trinket creators.
A trinket here, A trinket there, They must be everywhere
I thank you all, for heeding the call, creating trinkets, for one and all.
Your gifts galore, what's next in-store, I wonder each day, and ever more.
Could it be just for me, trinkets in my port.
I guess you know, I am now, a major collecting sort.
I thank you very much for these gifts, of wonder and delight
For you have made them bravely, without any fright.
So heres to you, writing friends, your trinkets and words too.
May you have God with you and, many blessings true.
Safe travels and fine days I hope, are yours so very grand.
For it's another day to grab, trinkets in your hand.
I thank you, is my best to do, for your gentle touch.
As more trinkets find my heart, I thank you very much
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