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The cat in my throat will not let me be at peace.
Scratch the cat is my feline friend. Without her I would not be known.
Here comes scratch as I drive around town with my wife, Cough, cough, cough I bark
People look at me, what is wrong. Do you think if I told them that it was scratch the cat
that they would think me reasonable and sane.

So I keep silent until she comes by as we pass farm fields and trees, I hear her Mroow
Again I cough cough cough, the barking even worse, eventually the cat leaves
that claws raked around the bottom of my throat make me believe she is not far away
I am quiet by nature. I do my best I can to be invisible. I hate my coughing bark

I am getting ready for be and there is that darn cat again. I am tired and want to go to bed.
My wife says I need to see a specialist, She hates the bark and put me in the dog house.
Our other two cats and dog are well behaved. What is the issue with scratch?
When I catch that cat I will cut off it's claws and let it know I am not a dog to mess with.

I finally go to sleep and hope that the cat will stay in the cage that I have sprayed in my
throat. The cage steer it away. But here and there I feel it's presence slinking in.
Scratch I left water for you and you can eat both the food of my cats and dog.
Let me go to sleep so that I get out of my doghouse and then watch me Scratch
I will catch you and you will never get me or anyone else. Cough cough. meow
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