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by Nini
Rated: E · Short Story · Writing · #2099524
when a girl is called on to an adventure...
“Tell everyone, no matter how they do it, bring my daughter back to me.” The king said as he found out that his daughter was kidnapped by the sea monster, “and I will call the hero that will save us and bring our princess back.”
One minute ago, Rosella was chatting with Jack the gardener, the next second she was in the middle of ocean, now the only thing that she could probably think of is: where am I? She looks around and finds jack, next to a gigantic rock with golden words on it, saying: “Welcome to the submarine world.”
“Jack tell me this is not true; this is so cool!” Rosella said as she sees the castle a couple feet away, “seriously this is amazing, but Jack did you hear that sound, it sounds so creepy.” They hear “dong dong dong” along with the sound of the Royal Army of the submarine world, which has arrived. One tall man with golden armor stands forward and says: “Welcome to the submarine world, my lord. Our king had called you two, to help us and save our princess from the sea monster. And please, you will?”
“So… you are saying that this is real? That we are now under the sea?” Rosella said, totally ignoring what the tall man said, while Jack responds: “Ok. But I have to see the King first in order to make my decision.”
So along with the royal army, Jack and Rosella arrived at the palace. As they got to know what happened to the poor princess, they decided to help the King and save the princess. And so their adventure began.
A few days later… “Jack! Jack! What is this?” Rosella shouted as she sees a fish passing through. “My lord, it is a fish.” Jack said as he signed, for the past few days, Rosella had been shouting at different submarine creatures all the time “if only I had tape now, I would cover on her mouth.” Jack thought as rosella screamed again.
A few days ago, in the palace of the sea monster “let me go, how can you do this, send me home” the princess shouted to the monster, when he delivered her food to her room (where the monster trapped her). But the monster ignored her and went to check the crystal ball that he uses to keep in charge of the submarine world, and found out about the hero that the ‘silly’ King called, and said: “great, that silly human is going to send his little hero to fight, so now I am going to show him who is stronger, Right or wrong. Go and bring the heroes to me.”
After a day and night of hard work, our two heroes finally arrived at their first village – sea water. And it is the place that Rosella and Jack met at Right or wrong, where they had their very first fight.
It all started when they saw 2 men torturing a little girl, and as you know, no real hero can bear someone torturing another in front of them. And so they had an argument, which led to a war.
During the fight, Rosella figured out that no matter how badly Jack gets wounded he can always recover quickly and get back to the fight again. “Maybe he is just good at wound treatment after all” Rosella thought and returned to the fight again.
Due to Jack’s bravery and Roselle’s little trick, they won the war. “Thank you, god bless you. My lord, I don’t know what to do to thank you.” The little girl said with her tear still on her face. “Its ok, we don’t need you to do anything, can you keep us for one night, since we have nowhere to go. Thank you.” He replied, “Sure, it is my honor to server you, come with me.” “By the way, what is your name? I am Rosella and he is Jack.” “Oh, just call me Liz.”
Liz’s house is not really big, but it has got everything, Liz lived with her sister Bella, after both of her parents died. Therefore, Jack and she enjoyed their best night relaxing with food after they agreed to go on this adventure.
The next day when Rosella and Jack were about to leave, Liz and Belle asked if they could come, “Ok, but you know that this is really dangerous, don’t you? And are you still willing to come?” She replied, “Yes, my lord.” “ok then, and stop calling me ‘my lord’ just call me Rose, and Jack, Jack.
For the following days, passing through the water forest, it was a fun but dangerous maze. But just before they arrived at the sea monster’s castle, the sea monster showed up and said: “Your foolish human, I am not going to let you get the princess from me!” and while saying that, the sea monster started moving as well.
He gathered all his soldier to protect them and himself, sitting in a chair that his manager provided, he took out a glass of wine, as if he was not fighting. Rosella and Jack were not going to pass his soldier after all.
As Rosella and Jack moved, one of the soldiers snuck in and tried to attack Bella, Bella didn’t have time to respond to the sudden attack. When Bella thought that she was going to die, she closed her eyes, and was getting ready for it, but after a while she didn’t feel any pain, so she opened her eyes and saw Rosella lying in blood.
Everyone thought that Rosella was dead, their eyes were covered by hatred, Jack especially. They fought more bravely than ever, and at last killed the sea monster and saved the princess.
After the war, Liz, Bella, and Jack all knelt around her, day after day.
One day, exactly five days after Roselle’s death, Rosella opened her eyes, and said: “why is everyone crying about what happened?” Jack opened his eyes unbelievingly and cried again. After a while when he controlled his emotions, he calmed himself down and said: “My Lord, welcome to the world of the vampire!”

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