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A tale remaining untold, enter at your own risk!
The prism captures the radiant light of an imagined goddess ~
Trapped within the pyramid designed for eternal reflection~
Crystal clear tri-sided geometric prison falters~
Metamorphosis occurs as the wavelengths of illumination~
Transfer through the phantom bars of her Alcatraz~
Banished to the outer limits due to her unintended travesty~
An exile who's punishment far outweighs the crime~
Masked marauders coaxed her vote to sway the counsel~
Ostracized by her peers to live out her doom habitually~
Every sliver of brightness that passes through the prism of perception~
Causes the projector to replay upon the opaque screen~
Tears stream down her sunken cheeks in bitter remorse~
Shame filled face extradited from the outskirts of a crumbling kingdom~
Palace of an impotent monarchy allowed the coup d'etat~
Revolutions rebel hunted by knights arranged to crush independence~
Her actions reward is worth rejection of royal mockery~
Vixen knew her plot would topple corrupted anarchy~
The final blow was unleashed as a musty fragrant scent~
Bewildered by her lack of triumphant memories~
She spins in circles faced only by unending mirrors~
Hoodwinked by a traitor fingering her with the mark~
"When am I?" lost between translucent blaze ignited in simpatico static~
A fog enshrouds the ancient talisman from giants haunting gaze~
Echoes of madness swirl in the sparkle encased in her violet iris~
Mystery of her violent outburst follows her into the ether.
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