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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Death · #2099588
Ratshag's dark past explained
Ratshag was not named Ratshag at birth. In fact, Hobgoblins are a very prideful race and would never name one of their own a demeaning title. Ratshag actually was not born to Hobgoblins at all but rather a slave to a Chellaxian noble. He had no name when he began his work. He would plow the fields, reap the crops, and clean the stables, and was supposed to do this until his death. But he had "friends" he would go to at the end of the day. The rats beneath the mansion were hundreds in number, and the little Hobgoblin treated all of them with kindness. Eventually the other slaves caught on to what the little Hobgoblin was doing once his chores were done, and they sprang rumors to what the little Hobgoblin did with his rats. Thus they came up with the name "Ratshag" and the little Hobgoblin was to be called this for the rest of his life. Ratshag continued to do normal work for years more, until one day when the Chellaxian noble noticed how much of a pest problem he had. He called an exterminator, and all of the rats died the following morning. Ratshag snapped, and immediately went into denial. He knew his friends were still alive, and they whispered vengeance into Ratshag's ear. It was the following morning that Ratshag's abilities awoke. When Ratshag threw his friends at the guards, they flew at arrowhead speed. He kept using this ability again and again until everyone at the manor house was dead. He collected his friends, and went on a secret rampage through Chelliax, seeking vengeance against exterminators, nobles, and anyone who would denounce his friends.

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