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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2099628
Willow meets someone at bedtime. Talking keeps her awake.
         As Willow shivered in bed to the thud of her heart,
         She gasped ,when she heard an achoo, a sniff, and a 'splart'.
         "Who's there?", she whispered from blankets piled up to her chin.
         "It's just me," squeaked a voice, "pardon my intrusion."
         "I'm supposed to be sleeping. I'm tucked in for the night.
         Do you need a tissue? Are you feeling all right?"
         "How kind of you dear Willow. Did I give you a scare?
          I tried to be quiet, but dust's floating in the air."
         "Mommy warns me about bed bugs that might try to bite,
         and shoos away shadows when she shuts off my night light."
         "Goodness me, I don't bite. At night I'm much too busy.
          I have work to do. I skitter, scamper silently."
          "So, who are you? Why are you hiding under my bed?
          Is there a reason you stopped here not elsewhere instead?"
         "Ah, so many questions when you should be fast asleep.
         I'm here Willow Witch to weave dream magic you can keep."
          Yawning. "My head seems heavy. I must lie down to rest.
          Your sleep-spell softly sings to me. Slumber magic's best."
          "Dream wonderful Willow Witch as I spin and I stitch.
          I'm a simple spider, dream diviner, a web witch."
          20 lines
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2099628-Willow-and-the-Web-Witch