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Arriving in Tokyo, priorities are made clear
Day 3 Entry 5:
When travelling a long distance you tend to remember the little necessities that we take for granted. All this walking and carrying of large luggage, taking brief naps in the very same clothes has left me smelling rather.... Well, rather traveled if I am to put it kindly.
So I am sure you understand when I landed in Tokyo in the second night of my travels. A burning red sun setting in the horizon as if to imitate some form of dramatic painting, normally I would have watched a bit longer but my feet directed me to my reservation at 9Hours. A lovely place that puts class, comfort and convenience first. As the name suggests, you can only stay for a maximum of 9 hours, but it will be a blissful 9 hours.
Already I am greeted with my own personal gown and slippers. A bag with 2 towels, a toothbrush and paste. As nice as I felt, the decision was quick, all my bags were stowed into my large locker, ample space and keys gifted to me. Then, it was the shower. A large room to myself with a soothing and powerful burst of water. Lastly, an assortment of products lined up on the shelf with each their own aromas and most importantly efficiency to turn me back into a gentleman as I step from the mist. A humble man I am not, my life is full of small indulgences.

Although I slept plenty in the sky, dreaming amongst the stars. The comfort was like onto a bed of pins compared to the sheets that I lay upon now. The soft sounds of the Ocean even play through holes on the wall. I drift as if on the beach, to dream some more. Before my final blink, a grumble is heard. It may well be, the master of my dreams this day will be my stomach, of which I have mistakenly neglected.

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