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Writer's Cramp 10-23 prompt below, word count: 442
Eloise and Esmeralda stood before the kitchen pantry bickering. Helen knew they meant business when her twin sister's each had their hats in one hand and pointing with the other.

"It's a no brainer, Esmeralda," said Eloise. She picked up the Granny Smith from the hanging basket. "The tartness of this apple is required for the All Hallows Saccharo Bringme spell."

"No, no, no. It's the sweetness and the flavonoids of the Fuji," said Esmeralda. She plucked a red Fuji apple from the basket.

"Oh, poppycock on the antioxidants. We're trying to get candy not prevent heart disease," spat Eloise as she dropped her hat and snatched the Fuji from her sister's hand.

"Well, I never," said Esmeralda as she threw her hat down and yanked the Granny Smith from her sister's hand. "Without the elevated levels of pyridoxine in the Fujis, we'll only get kids with those disgusting rolls of Smarties in their trick or treat bags."

"Pyridoxine. What in the witchcraft is that?" asked Eloise as she retrieved her Granny Smith from Esmeralda and replaced it with the Fuji.

"Pfft. How can you be creating complex brews and potions and not know what pyridoxine is? Helen knows what
pyridoxine is, don't you?" called out Esmeralda to her sister in the other room.

"You do not want to get me involved in this," said Helen from the living room.

"Do not get her involved in this," hissed Eloise.

"Whatever! Pyridoxine is vitamin B-6. It helps with brain functions so those little brats bring the best candy to our house.

"Maybe you should think about adding more fruit in your diet," said Esmeralda. She arched a brow, smirked and took a bite of her apple.

The twins watched Helen as she entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

"Worms live in apples and as they say: 'You are what you eat,'" said Eloise. She flipped her long black hair over her shoulder. With her head cocked to the side, a smile grew on her face.

Esmeralda narrowed her eyes, tossed her partially eaten apple toward her sister and raised both hands to throw a spell.

Eloise batted away the Fuji, dropped the Granny Smith and raised her hands, preparing for a spell as well.

Helen snapped her fingers twice and her sisters froze.

"I'm so glad I have that spell on speed dial. Now, what will quiet these two? Ah, yes. Apple worms," said Helen. She threw the spell, tossed her head back and cackled.

She looked down at the two little worms as they faced off near the fallen apples. "For the love of warlocks, it looks like they're still arguing."


Writer's Cramp prompt:
Two witches debate the choice of APPLES for their spells.

Is Golden Delicious the best – or how about Pippins, Jonathans, Northern Spy, Granny Smith, Crabapples . . . etc.

What is the outcome of this witchy debate?
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