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In the land called Anthromorphia contest entry
In the land called Anthromorphia each day brings joy and happiness to those creatures who enjoy each others company and work well together. Whenever any creature is upset, often many of these friendly individuals gather around the individual needing understanding and comfort to sooth the jangled nerves and unhappy demeanor. Often the gathering of necessities is a village affair with even the youngest members diligently doing their part to benefit everyone.

Some of the largest creatures usually the horses and buffalo often converse together as they haul heavy objects to designated destinations. The young female canines explore the dining area and make certain everything is in order while the grandmothers prepare to serve up luscious grains, greens, and protein laden delicacies in the main cafeteria eating place for everyone to partake who doesn't want to eat alone. Much conversation is shared during meal times.

Occasionally there is a rare visitation from some dragon or flying menace who tries to upset and over throw the delicate balance between the country inhabitants but the army of buffalo is able to well these invaders without making war in the kingdom.

Many species of creatures are very supportive of the buffalo, especially the leader Granddorien who manages to keep the forces in great shape and practicing their skills of defense. The flying squadrons of winged creatures are well stocked with coconut bombe while explode water all over the invaders and cause them major head aches. Peace mostly rains supreme and everyone gets along well.

Families enjoy the park with play ears which allow the offspring to enjoy swinging, climbing, and roaming around chasing and playing games while the adults chat about the days events and other matters of great importance like the annual holiday parties which happen through out the year especially the gift exchange event which is a huge hit among the offspring in the communities.

Several communities gather regularly to make repairs to dwellings and help each other with decorating. One especially challenging repair job was the beer dam which was severely damaged by a major storm about a year ago. The waters were so high and ran very swiftly causing the materials to be taken away if they were not held tightly in teeth or paws which ever worked best at the time. Many different species helped so that eventually everyone had a nice warm place to live as quickly as possible. A few helpers grumbled because they didn't want to get web, but that's the way many felines are. Some however love water, so the grumblers watched as the water cats swam and delivered materials to the beaver habitat.

The other dwellings which were damaged weren't around after so the cats were thankful and happy to help on the next project until they realized how intricate it would be and the time required to complete construction. Many animals were way too big to help, so they gave moral support while the smaller ones worked to help rebuild the huge intricate hive. This is the way these communities worked because after much discussion and trial and error it was found that working together was more beneficial than everyone keeping to themselves or to species and struggling alone. Plus a lot of time was saved in completing projects.

The young ones enjoyed these projects because they could romp and play as they practiced survival skills. The variety of foods were interesting and they could have what they wanted as much as they wanted provided they at least tried to help the grown ups. Trying to help and learning valuable skills was very important to the survival of everyone.

There was one group of critters who stayed to themselves much of the time. They were the security force who watched over everyone while they slept. The bats would fly at dusk until Dawn forging and watching out for any invasions or troubles. The sleep during the day, so were rarely participants in much of the community and country activities.

The governmental affairs happen to be shared by many different species and communities depending on location and ability to handle the required tasks. The major financial work load was handled by the monkeys and apes, while the trash disposal was handled by the mice, gerbils, hamsters, and other similar species. Every specie has representation and designated duties, so that there is equal say in the affairs of the country, cities, and all areas.

The schools are regulated by needs according to the specific areas and population. Whenever there is a need for special accommodations, the task force for educational access is directed to the appropriate school district and the school in need of help is contacted by this team. Usually this works well and many students are integrated into the system with little trouble. There is even a class to educate about special needs and animals who have unique differences.

Basically this country is a wonderful place to live, work, and enjoy life. Even when there are differences of opinion, religion, politics, and other issues, they are often resolved by communicating effectively and taking the time for each species to under each other. The biggest challenges are wondering if or when humans are going to try to move into this wonderful paradise and ruin everything. These creatures need to be educated on how to respect nature, animals, each other, and how to deal with differences of opinion in an amicable manner. Hopefully none of these individuals will ever gain access to this beautiful and marvelous country. I certainly wouldn't want any of them to live in my neighborhood. Our neighborhood is pristine and has no solution or other problems and we want to keep it that way, so humans stay out and far away from our precious habitat.

We need no electricity, modern plumbing, pollution spewing factories, or any other modern day disgusting contaminants to make our country, cities, and homes unlivable. We are thankful for what God has given to us, praise God!

word count: 1000

In The Land Called Anthromorphia (E)
In the land called Anthromorphia contest entry
#2101034 by dogpack:invest in yourself (154)

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